CARGO-LASH is a high-quality load securement system made from soft, poly-woven material. The system was designed for tying down heavy cargo for transport. Due to its versatility, this cargo lashing system is suitable for securing products onto flat racks, inside containers and on ships.

Preventing damage is easy with a quality lashing system. When properly applied, lashing straps secure your goods safely, preventing them from moving or falling off transport equipment. Whether you need to carry machinery or large timber crates, lashing straps such as CARGO-LASH offer a safe and efficient way of securing your cargo.

Here’s why:

Advantages of CARGO-LASH

Safety First

In todays environment where load restraint products must meet regulation and compliance, it is important you choose a certified lashing system for your cargo. Safety is especially important in high-traffic areas where property and worker safety is at risk. Strapping systems that break or snap easily can lead to accidents and injuries onsite.
Since lashing systems are made from high tensile polyester yarn, they reduce risks of injuries for both the user and the receiver, contributing to safer operations and peace of mind.

Quality Material

The polyester fibres of lashing straps are a non-abrasive and low stretch material, minimising damage and scratches on the products while in transit. Unlike other rust-prone strap materials in the market, lashing systems are highly resistant to weather and retain durability even after long voyages.

A Smart, Innovative System

Engineers and manufacturers create each lashing system with the end user in mind. CARGO-LASH and our other container lashing systems are strictly tested prior to market release to ensure your loads are secure and comfortably meet compliance

Economical to Use

CARGO-LASH is a cargo lashing system that is specifically designed for one-way use, therefore its a popular system to secure freight into containers. It uses a forged ladder buckle which is rated much higher than the lashing itself. This ensures the lashing strength remains strong and effective, even at its weakest point.
Supplied on a continuous roll, this is system is far more economical than regular ratchet straps, which are limited due to predetermined lengths.

Flexibility in Small Spaces

In shipping containers, securing products can be challenging with minimal space in the loading area. With a poly-woven lashing system, you can easily positon the straps so the buckle can be moved accordingly to provide an easy tension area.

Ways to use CARGO-LASH

It is important all loads are correctly secured in containers and adequate lashing is applied. Two examples are:

  • Lashing for heavy machinery will potentially require a more complex lashing process, along with additional dunnage.
  • Lashing straps for securing heavy loads onto flat racks – Having the flexibility to have the lashing as long as you require, makes to easier to secure loads onto flat racks.

For an inside look at how to best secure Heavy Machinery, please watch our instructional video here.