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Our comprehensive range of products is crafted to meet the unique challenges posed by bundle freight across diverse industries and commodities, including steel or pipes. Trust X-Pak Global to ensure your goods reach their destination with the utmost safety and integrity through our innovative restraints and tools.

Discover how our tailored solutions, including load restraints for bundles and bundle tools, elevate the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your bundled freight:

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Discover the durability of our Composite Strapping – a high-tensile, polyester-coated bundle strap that offers a safe and user-friendly alternative to traditional steel options for strapping bundles. Engineered with reinforced, parallel fibres, this load binder strapping maintains exceptional strength, preventing load shifts and ensuring the security of your cargo, even in the face of accidental nicks during transport.


Our strapping tools are designed to tightly bind bundles. Numerous steel manufacturers and suppliers commonly employ ‘tie wire’ for securing round steel bundles, despite the lack of technical ratings. When transporting long product bundles, such as timber or steel, there is a potential risk of ‘shafting’ or ‘spearing.’ It is crucial to tightly bind these bundles to mitigate such risks. The X-Pak Round Pack Tensioner emerges as an ideal solution for ensuring secure bundling and preventing any potential hazards during transit.


Equip yourself with strapping and bundle tools and accessories, including bundle straps, to optimise your shipping and handling. Our range of accessories is designed to streamline the loading and unloading process, making your logistics operations more efficient and cost-effective.

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Load restraints are crucial for securing bundles during shipping to prevent movement, shifting, and damage. Properly secured bundles ensure safe transportation and maintain the integrity of the bundled items.

A common load restraint for bundled items is usually strapping. The choice depends on the nature of the goods and size of the bundled items. Contact X-Pak for free advice on suitable methods.
Yes, guidelines exist for securing irregular shaped items. Using additional cushioning materials or custom restraints may be necessary. We can help you determine the best approach for securing bundled unique or fragile items.
Properly secure bundles with appropriate load restraints, consider the fragility of the items, and choose packaging materials that provide adequate protection. Ensure that bundled goods are stacked and positioned to distribute weight evenly.
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We offer free site visits, advice, product demonstrations and training so contact us now to see how we can help you.

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