How to Use Dunnage Bags for Cargo Security, and Their Types Explained

Dunnage Bags for Cargo Safety

Does it make sense to use dunnage bags to secure your cargo? Dunnage bags are also referred as dunnage air bags, or inflatable cargo bags, and they are excellent for securing products and preventing damage. Their use extends to closed rail cars, trucks, vessels, and shipping containers. Dunnage air bags are efficient in blocking and […]

Why Shipping Container Door Tarps Are A Good Idea

There are many different types of load restraint solutions available for ensuring that your goods remain secure and stable when being shipped. Here at X-Pak Global, we offer a variety of strapping, lashing and dunnage bag solutions, all designed to keep your cargo secure and undamaged, and ensure the highest level of safety for workers […]

7 Load Restraint Principles You Should Always Apply

When it comes to transporting goods, proper load restraint is essential. When goods are not adequately secured in place, they can shift in transit and end up getting damaged on their way to their destination. This can lead to significant costs in product replacements as well as potentially causing reputational brand damage. In addition to […]

Paper Versus Woven Dunnage Bags: Which Is Better?

When it comes to packing and transporting goods in the logistics industry, there are various cargo restraint systems available to ensure that your cargo remains intact and safe in transit. However, aside from systems like strapping and lashing that should be used to secure your goods, one aspect has a much bigger impact on the […]

Why Container Dunnage Solutions Are Useful?


When transporting goods via a shipping container, there will sometimes be empty spaces and voids around the cargo. While competent, strapping, and lashing can ensure that the load is appropriately restrained and will not move during transit, an extra layer of protection should also be implemented in the form of container dunnage solutions.  As a […]

Importance of Cargo Restraint in Export Businesses


There’s a lot to think about when you’re at the helm of an export business. Cargo safety is no doubt at the very top of your priority list. Cargo restraint is an integral part of the process. Keeping your freight safe and secure during transit  is crucial. Load restraint laws vary within each country, so […]

Dunnage Bags 101: How Dunnage Bags Prevent Damage To Your Export Shipments


Businesses globally are moving towards cargo securing as a priority, as the cost-savings reached when their products are protected are significant in their profitability. Businesses want to transport their goods in the same condition it leaves their premises, direct to their customers. A secure, safe supply chain is essential in meeting this objective. One way […]

How to Inflate a Dunnage Air Bag.

Within the market,  dunnage air bags are made of the same essential components; however, manufacturers make different choices regarding valves and connections. Choosing the right bag and valve setup for your team is important. Types of Air Bags Inflators: Inflator Gun A dunnage bag inflator gun is a traditional device that connects an air compressor […]

What Size Dunnage Bag Do I need?

Dunnage bags solutions

What to consider. Dunnage bags are a load securement staple within various Australian industries, particularly the Food and Beverage Industry, and keep cargo and other items from shifting during transit. They are also referred to as airbags, air cushions, and cargo inflatable bags. They come in a variety of different sizes, depending on how much […]

How to Secure Chemicals into Containers for Export


Restraining chemicals, Dangerous Goods (DG’s) or IBC’s into shipping containers for export is an essential step in the supply chain for many manufacturers throughout Australia. Many chemicals come in the form of liquids, granules or powder and are likely to have a devastating effect on human lives and the environment if released during transit. It […]