7 Load Restraint Principles You Should Always Apply

When it comes to transporting goods, proper load restraint is essential. When goods are not adequately secured in place, they can shift in transit and end up getting damaged on their way to their destination. This can lead to significant costs in product replacements as well as potentially causing reputational brand damage. In addition to […]

The History of Cargo Restraint Systems

Cargo restraint systems have come a long way since ancient times. Modern cargo restraint systems are significantly more advanced and scientifically formulated to ensure that cargo remains safe and secure when it is being transported. The importance of restraining cargo cannot be overstated. When cargo is not properly restrained, it risks causing damage to the […]

Woven Polyester Strap for the Steel and Engineering Industries

Strapping has been used for bundling and strapping steel products to pallets for many years. Steel comes in many forms, from bar and pipe to tube and heavy plate. It’s a common perception for many industries that steel strapping is the only product you can use to strap up steel! However, cord strap and woven […]

Three Things To Keep In Mind When Securing Your Load

When transporting goods inside shipping containers, securing your loads is vital so they don’t move during transit. Unsecured loads are unsafe; they can cause injury to people and can also cause significant property damage. At X-Pak Global, we supply container restraint systems and equipment to ensure your cargo is secured. Here are several simple tips […]

Logistics and Supply Chains: Some Considerations

Here at X-Pak, we offer a wide range of cargo load restraint products, such as various strappings, including composite strapping, which are great alternatives to steel strapping and just as strong. These strapping products factor significantly into the logistics and supply chain, where products are constantly moved around as they are stored, transported, and received. […]

Food Safety When Shipping

Desiccant bags for containers have primarily always been for protecting food and beverage products around the world. They effectively reduce and control moisture levels in containers, which is beneficial for longer transit times. This in turn acts as a preemptive measure to prevent moisture damage during possible shipping delays. Moisture in containers can lead to […]

Basics of container packing and solutions

The importance of proper load securement is generally unknown by Australian companies until an incident occurs. The question that is asked most of all is ‘how do I prevent my products from being damage during transport?’. Until such a point, Cargo Lashing is viewed as an ‘extra expense’ or ‘money I’m spending that I won’t […]

How to Secure Chemicals into Containers for Export


Restraining chemicals, Dangerous Goods (DG’s) or IBC’s into shipping containers for export is an essential step in the supply chain for many manufacturers throughout Australia. Many chemicals come in the form of liquids, granules or powder and are likely to have a devastating effect on human lives and the environment if released during transit. It […]

X-Pak Strapping – The Best Alternative to Steel Strapping.

Strapping is undoubtedly a vital part of packing and logistical industries and perhaps one of the most versatile products for securing loads worldwide. Unfortunately, both supply and demand for strapping products dropped sharply in 2020 with international covid lockdowns. In June 2021, many economies are recovering, and international trade is booming to make up the […]