Strapping Tools For Logistics Packing

Logistics packaging and cargo strapping involves the safe transport of products from point A to point B. Ensuring that you have proper cargo restraint is crucial, and it demands careful attention to selecting the appropriate product for optimal restraint. Technology has a significant role in ensuring the quality of cargo-securing equipment. Tools manufactured to high […]

Improving Work Health And Safety In The Transport And Logistics Sector

The logistics and transport industry has some of the highest workplace, health, and safety incident rates. The two areas that involve the most significant risk are operating vehicles and loading and unloading freight. The Australian Load Restraint Guide illustrates various ways to improve the sector‘s statistics.  The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator issues the Load Restraint […]

Benefits of Tensioners for Strapping Small Bundles

A common issue in many industries is the inability to secure small, round bundles with sufficient tension. Many strapping tools have too large a footplate which means the strap is tight when tensioning but becomes loose when the tensioning device is removed. Specialised strapping tools are designed to correctly strap pipe bundles, timber and other […]