A common issue in many industries is the inability to secure small, round bundles with sufficient tension. Many strapping tools have too large a footplate which means the strap is tight when tensioning but becomes loose when the tensioning device is removed.

Specialised strapping tools are designed to correctly strap pipe bundles, timber and other round or small products.

X-Pak Strapping Tensioner

If you are securing small packs that are square or rectangular in shape, the standard X-Pak Strapping Tensioner can be used with Composite Strapping to provide maximum tension by simply butting the tool against the pack.

Benefits of this tensioner are:

  • Small size and lightweight
  • Quick and easy to use
  • One-Stop System – tensions and cuts

Round Pack Tensioner

The X-Pak Cord Strapping and the German Made round pack tensioner will get you the ultimate tension on any small bundle. The round pack tensioner works using a footplate at the front of the tensioner, pushing off the inside of the buckle to gain tension. The tool is never under the bottom strap, meaning no added friction or interference with the strapping process.

Benefits of this tensioner are:

  • Designed especially for round or curved objects and for irregularly shaped items
  • Small size and lightweight
  • It operates on horizontal and vertical surfaces

Below is a video demonstrating the ease of use of our Round Pack Tensioner.

There are many different tools for different strapping systems (Steel, PET, Woven or Cord) that assist with securing round packs or small bundles. Click here to learn more.

Alternatively, call the team at X-Pak Global today for more information or request a free demo.