Essential Strapping Accessories for Your Business

Strapping Accessories & Tools

At X-Pak, we know that the right strapping accessories and tools can make all the difference. Here are our top recommendations to help you secure your cargo efficiently:   Composite Strapping: Our heavy-duty cargo straps are perfect for securing large items and pallet unitisation during transport. Strapping Tensioners: Both handheld and automatic options ensure consistent […]

How to Use Dunnage Bags for Cargo Security, and Their Types Explained

Dunnage Bags for Cargo Safety

Does it make sense to use dunnage bags to secure your cargo? Dunnage bags are also referred as dunnage air bags, or inflatable cargo bags, and they are excellent for securing products and preventing damage. Their use extends to closed rail cars, trucks, vessels, and shipping containers. Dunnage air bags are efficient in blocking and […]

Load restraint methods for shipping containers

man using xpak load restraints to effectively restrain an ibc chemical load in a shipping container

There are many things to consider when loading a shipping container, be it a standard GP or reefer container, with product. The number one goal for most is to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination, the way you loaded it. To achieve this, there are many additional factors to consider: Does my container restraint […]

The Ultimate Guide to Securing Loads on Trucks

Securing Loads on Trucks

Moving goods through Australia can be tricky. Roads can be narrow, the weather unpredictable, and there might be steep hills or unexpected obstacles like bushfires and animals. It’s crucial to keep your cargo tightly secured so you can concentrate on driving safely. This guide highlights the must-have equipment for securing cargo in the trucks, whether […]

Why Shipping Container Door Tarps Are A Good Idea

There are many different types of load restraint solutions available for ensuring that your goods remain secure and stable when being shipped. Here at X-Pak Global, we offer a variety of strapping, lashing and dunnage bag solutions, all designed to keep your cargo secure and undamaged, and ensure the highest level of safety for workers […]

The Importance Of Using Lashing Straps To Restrain Cargo

Perhaps more than any other load restraint solution, lashing straps are of critical importance to ensuring that cargo arrives safely and undamaged to its destination. This simple yet highly effective technology provides a reliable, strong and extremely secure means of keeping cargo stable during transportation. Virtually no other cargo restraint solution is capable of comparing […]

7 Load Restraint Principles You Should Always Apply

When it comes to transporting goods, proper load restraint is essential. When goods are not adequately secured in place, they can shift in transit and end up getting damaged on their way to their destination. This can lead to significant costs in product replacements as well as potentially causing reputational brand damage. In addition to […]

Steel Versus Composite Strapping: Which is Better?

When it comes to transporting goods, ensuring their proper and secure fastening is paramount. Strapping systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding both the cargo and people involved in the logistics process. Improperly secured goods not only pose a danger to workers but can also lead to damaged stock, which in turn leads to financial […]

Paper Versus Woven Dunnage Bags: Which Is Better?

When it comes to packing and transporting goods in the logistics industry, there are various cargo restraint systems available to ensure that your cargo remains intact and safe in transit. However, aside from systems like strapping and lashing that should be used to secure your goods, one aspect has a much bigger impact on the […]

How To Ensure Lashing Straps Are Used Safely

Cargo lashing straps are an indispensable part of cargo restraint throughout the shipping and logistics industry. These straps are extremely strong and versatile devices that can ensure cargo of all shapes and sizes are properly restrained to avoid any damage to the goods themselves or to personnel working in warehouses and shipping yards. However, the […]