Issues To Consider When Dealing With Load Restraint In Reefer Containers

Properly securing cargo is complex enough under normal circumstances. However, thanks to modern technology and the advent of advanced solutions, the process has become easier and safer than ever before. That said, when trying to secure cargo inside refrigerated (reefer) containers, several other complexities arise. Here are some issues to consider when dealing with load […]

The Importance Of Anti-Slip Mats For Load Restraint

There are various effective ways to secure cargo for safe transit. However, despite the implementation of cargo-securing system, the potential for slippage remains a significant threat that can compromise the integrity of the cargo. The use of lashing, strapping, chains, dunnage bags, to secure cargo is excellent for ensuring that cargo is firmly secured and […]

Load restraint methods for shipping containers

There are many things to consider when loading a shipping container, be it a standard GP or reefer container, with product. The number one goal for most is to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination, the way you loaded it. To achieve this, there are many additional factors to consider: Does my container restraint […]

Basics of container packing and solutions

The importance of proper load securement is generally unknown by Australian companies until an incident occurs. The question that is asked most of all is ‘how do I prevent my products from being damage during transport?’. Until such a point, Cargo Lashing is viewed as an ‘extra expense’ or ‘money I’m spending that I won’t […]

7 Reasons Dunnage Bags Rate No.1 for Transit Protection.

Whenever a business is dealing with freight, the challenge is keeping items securely packed and separated from one another. Dunage bags are known within the transit industry for offering exceptional value and are more affordable than alternative products previously used for load security. Some companies within the Australian market are still using the old practice of […]