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Optimise Your Flat Rack Freight: Unrivalled Packing Solutions for Efficient and Secure Cargo Transportation

Flat racks, a versatile solution in the shipping industry, emerge as the go-to choice for transporting oversize or heavy vehicles and equipment that defy the sizes of standard containers. At X-Pak Global, we recognise the unique challenges posed by out-of-gauge cargo (cargo that doesn’t fit in a standard shipping container), and specialise in providing cutting-edge solutions for seamless, secure, and cost-effective load restraint solutions.

When considering load restraints for a flat rack shipment, several key factors are crucial to ensuring the safety and security of the cargo during transport. Here are important considerations:

At X-Pak Global, we offer a comprehensive range of load restraint equipment tailored to secure your cargo during transit, specifically designed for flat rack shipments. Experience the difference with our innovative solutions, including Cargo-Lash lashing solutions and accessories, designed to meet the dynamic demands of shipping via flat-rack. Choose X-Pak Global for a reliable, secure, and efficient journey for your freight of all shapes and sizes, utilising flat racks as your preferred transport solution.

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Elevate the security of your cargo with our state-of-the-art Cargo-Lash lashing solutions tailored specifically for flat rack container shipping. Engineered to endure the challenges of transportation, our products ensure unparalleled stability and safety, safeguarding your goods throughout the entire journey.

Enhance your flat rack shipping experience by equipping yourself with our range of Lashing accessories including retractable ratchet straps and tie-down straps, designed to optimise the loading and unloading process. Our carefully crafted accessories streamline logistics operations, making them more efficient and cost-effective for a seamless shipping experience using flat racks.

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Trust X-Pak for a comprehensive package that goes beyond the sale, providing the expertise and assistance you need for a seamless cargo securing experience, especially when utilising flat racks.

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A flat rack is an open container with sides but no roof, designed for transporting oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. It is commonly used when traditional containers are not suitable for the dimensions of the cargo.
Load restraints are essential on flat racks to prevent cargo from shifting, sliding, or falling during transportation. Properly securing the load ensures the safety of the cargo, as well as the personnel involved in loading, unloading, and transporting the flat rack.
Common load restraints for flat racks include lashing and bracing materials. The choice of restraints depends on the nature, weight, and size of the cargo. Talk to us to discuss what would best suit your cargo.
Flat racks have weight limitations, and load restraints play a crucial role in ensuring that the cargo remains within these limits. It is important to use load restraints that are capable of securing the weight and dimensions of the cargo effectively.
The number of load restraints needed depends on factors such as the weight, size, and shape of the cargo. Contact us and we can assist you in finding the most effective solution for you.

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We offer free site visits, advice, product demonstrations and training so contact us now to see how we can help you.