DSI Underground

DSI Underground

Safety First: How DSI Underground and X-Pak Global Ensure Safe Transportation by Road and Sea

As Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of specialist strata reinforcement and support products to the underground coal and metalliferous mining sectors, DSI Underground faces the critical challenge of ensuring the safe transportation of their extremely large and substantial goods when transporting across Australia and exporting internationally.

restrained load of mining bolts at DSI underground using X-Pak global load restraints

Understanding the Challenge

With heavy loads traversing Australian roads, the risk to safety is a primary concern for DSI. To address this challenge, DSI partnered with X-Pak Global, leveraging their expertise in load restraint solutions.

Load details

The Task: Testing with X-Pak

X-Pak attended DSI’s Newcastle site to conduct comprehensive on-site testing to evaluate the effectiveness of DSI’s existing securement methods against the standards outlined in the Australian Load Restraint Guide 2018.

The testing process was extensive, with DSI arranging for a crane to tilt the fully loaded flat rack to specific angles to simulate real-world conditions.

Performance Standards

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Load Restraint Guide sets out the minimum amount of force a restraint system must be able to withstand in each direction. The load on a heavy vehicle must:

  • Be secured so it is unlikely to fall or be dislodged
  • Be restrained using an appropriate method. 
  • Be placed, secured or restrained in a way that meets the Performance Standards.
NHVR Load Restraint Performance Standards Requirements

Tilt Test Requirements:

All loads were tested to meet the following:

  • 54 degrees lengthways with no load shift to meet the required 0.8G in the forward (driving) direction.
  • 30 degrees sideways with no load shift to meet the required 0.5G for side-to-side movement.
load of mining bolts being tilted lengthways 54 degrees
load of mining bolts being tilted sideways 30 degrees

Customised Load Restraint Solutions

X-Pak Global’s solutions went beyond conventional load restraint methods, offering tailored enhancements to reinforce load security. As well as a combination of X-Pak Strapping and Cargo-Lash to unitise and restrain the load to the flat rack, the following products were included as part of the overall solution:

X-Pak also created a custom portal for DSI’s team to access their unique load restraint advice, so that they are able to access guidance and compliance information online at any time.  

crane tilting dsi underground mining bolts with load restraints by xpak global securing them

Major Benefits

Commitment to Excellence

DSI Underground’s partnership with X-Pak Global exemplifies their dedication to excellence in safety and operational efficiency. By leveraging X-Pak’s custom load restraint solutions, DSI continues to set the standard for safety in the transportation of heavy goods, both domestically and internationally.

Safety isn’t just a priority—it’s a fundamental value shared by DSI Underground and X-Pak Global, driving innovation and excellence every step of the way.

“Thanks Trent and team for your help, skill and knowledge. Was a great result. ”
- Angus, Logistics Coordinator

Find Your Solution With X-Pak

X-Pak Global is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that prioritise safety and efficiency. 

For further information on our comprehensive solutions, featuring lashing, anti-slip mats, and other industry-leading load restraints, contact us at 1300 551 281.

Our team will provide on-site consultations at no charge, offering expert advice and training tailored to ensure the secure and safe transport of your goods.

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