Lashing for Reefers and Flat Racks

Efficient Cargo Lashing Systems: Ensure Safe and Compliant Product Transport with Our Simple Solutions
Reefer container lashing systems

Discover the simplicity and effectiveness of X-Pak Global’s cargo lashing systems, meticulously crafted to meet your cargo securing needs while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Our versatile range, including cargo lashing equipment, offers solutions for every load, from securing products in refrigerated shipping containers to fastening heavy machinery on flat racks, meeting the latest restraint regulations for secure and reliable transportation.


Moving beyond traditional timber blocking, our reefer container lashing systems, a key component of our cargo restraint system, represent the ultimate efficiency and security in load restrains. Our solutions, including lashing straps, aren’t just faster and safer; they’re designed to provide unmatched restraints for your products.

Why Opt for X-Pak Global's Cargo Lashing Systems?

Our lashing solutions, including cargo restraint systems, are available in various strengths, catering to the unique requirements of all cargo types. Contact us for a no-obligation recommendation on the ideal lashing solution that best suits your needs.

Cargo-Lash – Unmatched Quality for Your Cargo Needs

Our cargo lashing systems, also known as cargo restraint systems, are meticulously designed with user-friendly applications in mind, ensuring simplicity and speed in implementation. These systems are suitable for securely fastening products within refrigerated shipping containers using reefer container lashing points and handling heavy, intricate machinery on flat racks. Explore our extensive range of tools and accessories to ensure you get the most out of your lashing solution.

Continuous Roll Design

Key Features of Cargo-Lash

Premium Construction: Crafted from high-quality woven polyester fibres, Cargo-Lash ensures durability and strength, making it perfect for securing heavy and irregularly shaped loads, such as machinery and equipment.

Flexibility and Softness: Cargo-Lash is engineered to be flexible and soft, minimising the risk of damage to your valuable cargo. It effectively secures your load, reducing movement during transportation and enhancing overall safety.

Continuous Roll Design: Combining convenience with efficiency, Cargo-Lash is packaged as a single continuous roll, ideal for ‘Freight of all kinds’ (FAK) inside containers or for lashing heavy items onto flat racks.

Cargo-Lash provides versatile options in two sizes: 32mm and 40mm, ensuring that cargo with varying requirements and weights can be securely accommodated with ease.

Main features

Soft woven material

Flexible - Easily feed through Lashing points.

User-Friendly – Requires only one tool for application.

GL Certified – Meets international shipping standards.

Minimal Waste – Cut to your required length, reducing excess material.

Reefer Container Lashing Points

Easy Installation cargo reefers

Get the most out of your Cargo-Lash by securing your cargo in refrigerated containers using our easy-to-install reefer container lashing points, a key aspect of our cargo restraint system. These points provide a robust and versatile solution for securing your cargo in refrigerated containers which generally do not already have lashing points, ensuring safety and stability for your goods during transport.

Heavy-duty Construction

Easy Installation

High Load Capacity

Blue rack lashing

Custom Made Lashing

Leveraging our expertise as industry leaders, we recognise that loads demand unique solutions for the proper securing of products. Explore tailored solutions crafted to match your needs through our ability to produce custom-made systems. Talk to us to discuss your requirements.

Lashing Tools

Essential to your operations, lashing tools play a pivotal role. Our tools are crafted to optimise your processes, saving you both time and money. With our tensioning tools, achieve the perfect tension every time, ensuring swift and secure load securing for transportation.


Whether you seek a lightweight, versatile tool for everyday use or a robust pneumatic tool for heavy container lashing, we have the ideal tool for your requirements.


In our tool service department, we stock spare parts and regularly service a variety of tool brands.


If you’re uncertain about the tool you need or are searching for a specific tool, contact us today for expert guidance!

Lashing Accessories

Used in conjunction with cargo lashing equipment, our range of accessories, including anti-slip mats, protective corners, and more, are designed to maximise your ability to restrain your cargo easily and efficiently.

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Anti Slip Mats

antislip mat

Crafted from durable rubber, these anti-slip mats provide an effective method to increase the friction coefficient beneath your goods, ensuring superior load securement. The friction coefficient, determined by the surface pairing (e.g., wooden pallet and steel truck), influences how smoothly your goods move during transit. By strategically placing rubber mats beneath your cargo, you guarantee a higher friction coefficient, ensuring compliance with the CTU code. 

Temperature resistant – can withstand temperatures between -30°C to 100°C

Increase the friction anywhere from 0.6µ to 0.9µ.

Lashing Magnets

Lashing Magnets

Designed to enhance safety, efficiency, and convenience, lashing magnets utilise powerful magnetic force to keep your lashing straps organised and properly aligned during installation. These magnets securely hold straps in place on container door sides, preventing tangling and slippage while allowing for precise tensioning. 

41 kg holding force

Metal body with 36mm diameter

Residue-free removable

Quarter Shell Corner Protectors

quarter protectors

These tough corner protectors are designed specifically to shield the corners of IBCs or 200L drums. They prevent the straps from digging into your products during tension and shipping, ensuring your items stay safe and secure during transport.

10 mm thick to withstand substantial force

Even distribution of force across whole load

Slotted Corner Protectors

slotted corner

A common challenge when using lashing systems on product prone to load shift, is the straps remaining in place throughout the export journey. The slotted corner protectors not only help by holding the straps stay in place, but they also protect softer packaging types such as cartons or paper bags from damage caused by the lashing. These corner angles are manufactured in Europe.

Made from recycled cardboard

TUV Rheinland Certified + CTU Code Compliant

Essential Edge Protectors

x-pak essential edge protector

 Versatile and robust solution for safeguarding your palletized goods during transport and storage. Engineered with precision, this lightweight yet durable edge protector is designed to distribute restraining pressure evenly across standard pallets, ensuring optimal protection for a wide range of materials, from building supplies to delicate laminates.

Flexible even at low temperatures, with a zero-pressure internal corner for enhanced edge protection

Flexible even at low temperatures, with a zero-pressure internal corner for enhanced edge protection

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Connect with the X-Pak Global team for a free on-site visit. Our experts will understand your needs, provide useful advice, and show you our products in action with a free demonstration. Our product range also covers dunnage bags, desiccant bags, restraint systems, and more.


We also offer training and ongoing support for smooth cargo management. Reach out today, and let’s make managing your cargo easy and hassle-free for you.

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Lashing refers to the process of securing cargo to prevent it from shifting or falling during transportation. This is typically done using straps, chains, binders, or other devices.
Lashing is essential to ensure the stability and safety of cargo during transit. It prevents damage to the cargo and helps maintain the overall safety of the transportation vehicle.
Yes, by using our Refrigerated Container Lashing Points to secure the lashing. Contact us for a free demonstration.
A flat rack is an open container with sides but no roof, designed for transporting oversized or irregularly shaped cargo. It is commonly used when traditional containers are not suitable for the dimensions of the cargo.
Load restraints are essential on flat racks to prevent cargo from shifting, sliding, or falling during transportation. Properly securing the load ensures the safety of the cargo, as well as the personnel involved in loading, unloading, and transporting the flat rack.
Common load restraints for flat racks include lashing and bracing materials. The choice of restraints depends on the nature, weight, and size of the cargo. Talk to us to discuss what would best suit your cargo.
The correct tension for lashings depends on the type of cargo, the lashing material used, and regulatory requirements. X-Pak can provide free training on how to implement lashing on your cargo.
The reuse of lashing equipment depends on its condition and compliance with safety standards. Regular inspections should be conducted, and damaged or worn-out equipment should be replaced to ensure continued safety.
The amount of lashing required depends on the weight, size, and characteristics of the cargo. We can provide guidance for determining the appropriate number and configuration of lashings.
Lashing Reefers and Flat Racks FAQ

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We offer free site visits, advice, product demonstrations and training so contact us now to see how we can help you.

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