Strap with Confidence: Explore X-Pak Strapping Solutions for Safe and Efficient Cargo Restraint – the Safer alternative to steel strapping
Composite or Synthetic Steel Strapping

Numerous industries have made the switch to polyester strapping or composite strapping over traditional steel strapping. This shift has been driven by several factors, including cost-effectiveness, versatility, safety, and sustainability. Introducing X-Pak Strapping, a superior heavy-duty strapping solution designed to redefine cargo security. Our strapping system, also known as Composite or Synthetic Steel Strapping, is made from high-tensile polyester-coated materials. It is a safe, efficient, and robust alternative to traditional steel strapping. Here’s why our strapping stands out:

Why Choose X-Pak Global's Strapping?

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Main Features of X-Pak Strapping

Our composite strapping products are available in various sizes and strengths to accommodate a variety of requirements from strapping and securing lightweight cartons on pallets through to manufactured heavy steel.

X-Pak strapping is dispensed easily via cart and utilises galvanised buckles to secure loads. We have a wide range of low-cost, low-maintenance tools available to make the most out of your strapping.

Customised Items: X-Pak’s strapping can be customised and manufactured with your company branding printed onto the material if needed.

Key features

A safe alternative - No sharp recoil or flinging straps

Robust – Weather-resistant and protection against UV, won't rust or deteriorate with weather exposure.

Quick & easy to use - Single tool tensions and cuts strap

Strong - Same break strength as steel

Shock-resistant - Can absorb sudden impact during transport.

Starter Kits

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Instill confidence in X-Pak’s superior strapping solution through our Starter Kits, designed for first-time users of composite strapping. These comprehensive kits are tailored to provide everything you need for securely strapping your goods. From easy-to-use tools to high-quality strapping materials, our starter kits ensure a simple and successful strapping experience. We can provide training and advice to make sure you are equipped with the support you need in using the products.

Galvanised Buckles

Galvanised Buckles

To ensure your loads are always tight and secure, our galvanised buckles are engineered from high tensile wire, ensuring the highest joint efficiency for your strapped load. The buckles are the system’s weakest link; so it is critical these are manufactured to industry-leading quality standards.

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Strapping Tools

Discover Reliable Tensioning Tools: Quality, Affordability, and Easy Maintenance

Our wide range of X-Pak Strapping tensioners prioritise quality, affordability, and minimal upkeep. Designed with user-friendly ergonomics, these tools make strapping easy while offering the power and dependability you need.


Our range of tensioning tools, covering manual, battery, and pneumatic options, are tailored to suit your specific requirements. We have in-house development and manufacturing ensuring that our tools meet rigorous international standards. Crafted with care, our tensioning tools bring simplicity, power, and reliability to the forefront.


Our tool service department carries spare parts and regularly services a range of tool brands. We can provide you with all the spare parts you need to repair or refresh your strapping tools. We only provide quality tools, using durable materials.


If you are unsure of which tool you need, or there is a particular tool that you are looking for, give us a call today! We would be happy to help you find the right one.

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Chat with our team at X-Pak Global to set up a free site visit. Our experts will assess your unique requirements and provide invaluable advice on the most effective solutions. Get practical advice and see our products in action through a free demonstration. We also offer training and ongoing support to keep things running smoothly. Reach out today, and let’s make load restraints straightforward and hassle-free for you.

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X-Pak strapping is renown in the Australian market for its introduction in the early 2010’s as the go-to alternative to steel strapping. It is also known as Cord Strapping, Composite Strapping or Fiber Strapping. 

Composite strapping is a type of cargo securing material made from a combination of high-tenacity polyester fibers and a polymer coating. It is designed to provide strong, durable, and flexible load restraint for various types of cargo.

Composite strapping is versatile and suitable for securing a wide range of cargo, including heavy machinery, wood, steel, and other goods. It is particularly effective for loads that may shift during transport.

Unlike traditional strapping materials such as steel or metal, composite strapping is lightweight, flexible, and less prone to causing damage to the cargo. It also offers a high level of shock absorption. Some advantages of composite strapping include its high tensile strength, resistance to weathering, minimal risk of damage to cargo, and ease of handling. It is also considered safer for users due to its low recoil.

Yes. It also has highest retained tension and superior shock absorbency in comparison to all non-metal strapping types on the market. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re using a 19mm steel strapping, the 19mm X-Pak strapping will be a suitable alternative.

Absolutely. Enhanced safety is a key advantage—our strapping eliminates sharp edges and hazardous straps flinging people when cut. Additionally, finding an alternative to steel strapping that matches its strength can be challenging, but our Cord Strapping boasts an equally high rating, ensuring efficiency without the need for doubling the strapping amount.

The X-Pak Strapping system is joined using a heavy duty galvanised buckle. Our strapping buckles are also galvanised to ensure they last in outdoor conditions.

The choice of width and thickness depends on the weight and size of the cargo. At X-Pak, we understand the importance of selecting the right solution for your specific needs. To assist you in making a decision, we offer free site visits and assessments to provide recommendations for your cargo. Our team of experts will visit your location, evaluate your product requirements, and provide personalised recommendations based on its weight, size, and unique characteristics.

While composite strapping can be tensioned by hand, using a tensioning tool is recommended for achieving the optimal tension and ensuring a secure load. Tensioning tools help apply the necessary force efficiently. We provide a full range of manual and automatic (battery and pneumatic) tooling to tension strapping. Along with the strap and buckles, plastic or cardboard edge protection may be required on sharper edges. Part of our range also includes rubber friction matting. 

Yes, composite strapping is designed to be weather-resistant and can be used for outdoor shipments. Its resistance to UV rays and moisture makes it suitable for various environmental conditions.

Composite strapping can be reusable depending on the specific conditions of its use and any damage it may incur. Regular inspection is necessary, and damaged strapping should be replaced to ensure cargo security.
Like most strapping, there are many composite strapping manufacturers in China, SE Asia and a few in Europe. There are no Australian manufacturers of cord or composite straps. We source our strapping out of Europe or Turkey and tooling systems from a combination of Taiwan, USA and Germany.
The most common setup for a new user of composite strap is to purchase a starter kit. We keep these as a common stock item and for every strapping size available. A starter kit includes a dispenser cart, a tensioner, 2 rolls of strapping, a carton of buckles and a feeder rod. After ensuring it’s the right product for you, we can get you a quote and process your order in the same day!
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We offer free site visits, advice, product demonstrations and training so contact us now to see how we can help you.

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