There are many different types of load restraint solutions available for ensuring that your goods remain secure and stable when being shipped. Here at X-Pak Global, we offer a variety of strapping, lashing and dunnage bag solutions, all designed to keep your cargo secure and undamaged, and ensure the highest level of safety for workers who have to load and unload containers.

Shipping container tarps can provide you with added peace of mind that both your goods and your personnel are protected. Container door tarps act as a last line of defence, providing a solid barrier that can contain the goods even if other load restraints inside the container fail. They are ideal for small, fragile or delicate goods, particularly if cargo is hand-stacked.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using container tarps, as well as the kinds of tarps X-Pak Global offers.

Benefits of Using Tarps

Container door tarps are relatively easy to handle, particularly when compared with alternatives such as nets. They require fewer attachment points than nets and don’t get tangled as easily. This makes tarps far easier to work with. As a result, the process of covering and uncovering the goods inside your container using a tarp is more straightforward and efficient, saving you time on your packing and packing procedures.

Tarps also provide a layer of extra security, making it much more difficult to tamper with the goods inside the container without detection. A container door tarp will essentially provide a visual and physical barrier between the doorway and the contents of the container, thereby deterring any potential unauthorised access or theft en route to its destination.

Economy Container Door Tarp

The X-Pak Global Economy Container Door Tarp is intended to stop cargo from moving while being transported or falling out of the shipping container doors when they are opened upon arrival at its destination.

The container door tarp is a simple tarp made out of robust polyester material, which makes it durable and difficult to tear or perforate. The strength of the container door tarp makes it an ideal solution for adding extra load-restraining power for added safety.

For cargo that requires additional containment, such as smaller boxes or other small items that could escape through the gaps in a net, container door tarps are the superior choice. As such, a tarp provides a solid barrier that keeps the cargo securely inside the container,  ensuring that nothing will fall out and get damaged or cause injury upon opening the doors and maximising full use of the container space.

Inflatable Container Door Tarp

The X-Pak Global Inflatable Container Door Tarp functions as a combination between an inflatable dunnage bag and a tarp, filling the void between the product and the container doors. It not only provides the security and restraint functionality of a container door tarp, it also provides additional padding and bracing on the front end of the shipping container. The pressurised air barrier that it provides ensures added protection from vibration and load shift.

Like the regular container door tarp, this solution is designed to prevent the cargo from moving about and shifting while being transported, as well as to prevent the goods from falling out of the container when doors are opened. This type of container tarp is ideal for damage sensitive goods..

The added layer of container tarp safety is invaluable in the shipping industry, as it can protect workers from being injured by falling cargo while also protecting the goods themselves both during and  when unloading.

Here at X-Pak Global, we take load restraint seriously, which is why our products are manufactured to the highest standards, including our container door tarps. For more information and free customised shipping and load restraint advice, contact us today.