When transporting goods via a shipping container, there will sometimes be empty spaces and voids around the cargo. While competent, strapping, and lashing can ensure that the load is appropriately restrained and will not move during transit, an extra layer of protection should also be implemented in the form of container dunnage solutions. 

As a container dunnage supplier, we know the value that good quality dunnage can provide. Dunnage bags can further ensure that the cargo is braced against excessive movement and will arrive at its destination in good condition. 

Dunnage can come in various forms. However, one of the most popular forms available on the market is dunnage bags. These inflatable bags are made to fill voids and protect cargo in transit. Typically, dunnage bags are made from woven polypropylene, ensuring they are strong and durable.

The benefits of using dunnage bags. 

They Are Reusable.

Dunnage bags can be reused. Depending on the transit time and type of goods they protect, dunnage bags can be reused many times before they need to be discarded or recycled. Thus, dunnage bags are the more environmentally friendly option. 

They Are Cost Effective

Dunnage bags are cost-effective not only because they can be reused many times over but also because they are made from a cost-effective material. 

Woven polypropylene is cost-effective to produce; therefore, dunnage bags are not an expensive item.  

They Are Highly Effective 

As simple as they are, dunnage bags provide superior protection in transit. Because they are filled with air under pressure, they act as unparalleled shock absorbers. They can withstand a large amount of pressure and have been pressure tested to extreme quality standards.  

They Are Easy To Use 

Dunnage bags are straightforward to use and quick to deploy. Since they only require inflation, which is done using a battery-powered inflation tool, warehouse personnel can install dunnage bags quickly and efficiently without requiring extensive training or equipment. 

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Inflating Dunnage Air Bags for containers