For many years, steel strapping was the popular choice when it came to securing almost any type of item for shipping. But recently, composite cord strap in Australia have become increasingly popular.

In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the many reasons why composite cord strapping is the optimal choice when it comes to cargo strapping!


Steel strapping is known to be quite dangerous. It is sharp and tends to fling when it is removed, which can easily lead to injury. In contrast, cord strapping is not sharp and is made from a soft material. A battery-operated tensioner can be used to tension and cut the strapping. Cord strapping is also safer for both the sender and the receiver (your customer).

No Damage to Goods

As the composite cord is soft and flexible, it does not damage the shipped goods, like steel strapping. Its flexible nature also allows the user to strap heavy, awkward-shaped items to pallets.


Many people worry about when changing over from steel strapping is using a strapping that won’t be as strong. While steel strapping is impressively strong, composite cord strapping is rated as high! This is thanks to the high-tenacity coated yarns. Our rolls of cord strapping are continually and rigorously tested upon manufacture to meet strict quality and tensile standards.

Weather Resistant

Here in Australia, we can experience quite extreme weather conditions at times, and it’s important that strapping is weather resistant. Steel strapping tends to rust when exposed to moisture and become very brittle when exposed to UV rays. In contrast, cord strapping is designed to be very weather resistant and remains intact for a much longer period of time, no matter the weather it is exposed to. It’s important to note we’d recommend re-strapping any type of product if there is wear on your strapping


By investing in a cord strapping starter kit, you will recoup costs very quickly. Fewer injuries, rising steel prices and the peace of mind knowing that all shipments are safe and secure. You also won’t need any serious personal safety equipment, and your tensioning tools are built to last.

Are you looking to purchase composite cord strapping in Australia? Here at X-Pak Global, we offer a wide range of composite cargo strapping that has been created with security and safety in mind. Feel free to gain more information from our website, or get in touch with our team should you have any questions.