What type of strapping is best for outside environments?

Published 20th July 2018

What type of strapping is best for outside environments?

Harsh weather and extreme temperatures in Australia can cause steel strapping to rust. The corrosion of steel strapping often marks or stains products. Here are a few examples of products that are effected when left outside with steel strapping:

1) Powder Coated or Painted steel: Rusty steel strapping will ruin paint and often mean products need to be re-painted prior to being sold.

2) Timber: Many forms of timber will be stained or discoloured by steel strapping.

3) Galvanised product: Although these items may be protected from weather, steel strapping will still stain the outside coat.

What types of strapping should I use for strapping items outside?

Depending on how long the items will be prone to the environment will effect the type of strapping best to use. Many forms of PET strapping aren’t UV rated (or have many UV protecting ingredients at all). As a general rule, any items left outside for more than 6 months should be re-strapped as deterioration will effect the break strain.

X-Pak Strapping is one of the best alternatives to steel strapping to protect items from weather. It has a UV rated polyester coating that can deteriorate slightly over time but generally protects the high tensile fibres (where the strength is) from breaking down.

If you are concerned about your products getting damaged or marked when left outside, give the team at X-Pak a call. We have a full range of strapping and heat shrink solutions to protect items from UV and ensure they are sent out in a safe, secure manner.