What PET Strapping Can do For the Oil and Gas Industry

Published 30th August 2017

What PET Strapping Can do For the Oil and Gas Industry

Sturdy steel strapping has proven its reliability time and again for different applications. They may not always be the best option, however, for the oil and gas markets – especially for offshore facilities. That is why more and more companies are turning to polyester or PET strapping. They are less likely to cause injury, do not rust and are ideal for securing irregularly shaped objects.

Reduces workplace risk

As an adaptive material, PET does not recoil when cut, lessening the possibility of cuts and injuries. Secured with a strapping tool, it is tensioned, welded and cut easily, reducing manual handling risk. The user is less likely to experience body strain and get cut from strapping a load. The X-Pak battery operated strapping tools are also a much more ergonomic tool for higher turnover users of PET Strapping.

Does not damage coating or finishing

Polyester straps are non-abrasive and non-corrosive. PET straps will not chafe or scrape away expensive components’ coating or finishing even if a load is moved several times during transportation. Also, PET straps do not rust. Even with prolonged exposure to the elements, they will not be corrosive agents to the products being secured.

Gives high retained tension and high elastic memory

Products or components are picked up, laid down, and moved several times. With other strapping, this would usually result in elongating or breaking. With PET strappings’ elasticity and tensile strength, PET retains sufficient tension and does not break from repetitive impacts.

Due to PET straps’ flexibility, you can still apply high tension to irregularly shaped objects.

Because of their characteristics, PET straps can help with:

  • Securing items on pallets for general transportation
  • Securing timber or steel packs as an alternative to conventional steel strapping
  • Securing pipes and drums onto pallets

X-Pak provides PET strapping for the oil and gas industries. We also provide other strapping and lashing solutions for industries such as mining, manufacturing, logistics and so much more. Call us today for any of your strapping and lashing requirements.