When transporting mining products inside shipping containers, various cargo load restraint technologies, such as X-Pak’s Cargo Lash for containers and lashing equipment, can be employed.

Mining products can range from heavy complex machinery and parts to palletised products and drums. Drums often contain hazardous chemicals or flammable fluids, while mining machinery is custom-made and extremely costly. Therefore, proper restraint is critical to prevent damage to the cargo or personnel.

Within Australia’s mining and logistics industry, there are guidelines that one should follow. Let’s look at some of the lashing products we offer at X-Pak that are ideal for securing heavy and expensive mining products for shipping containers.

Medium Weight

X-Pak’s 32 mm Cargo Lash is a cost-effective method to secure medium-weight items in transit for securing loads inside cargo containers. This lashing is recommended for load weights up to about 4,450 kg. This medium-weight lashing is commonly used across the shipping industry and is also the most affordable roll lash system available on the market.

Heavy Weight

If you are securing heavy machinery or high-value items inside a container, it’s recommended you use Cargo Lash 40 mm lashing with a 7,250 kg capacity strength.

Cargo Lash Continous roll system is certified to secure heavier loads and complies with the Australian Load Restraint Guide and the CTU. This lashing system is designed to fit most loads and can be adjusted with relative ease.

If needed, we can also create customised lashing systems for uniquely shaped loads, as in the case of heavy equipment or large obtusely shaped parts, such as an excavator bucket.

Call The Experts

Whatever one’s unique load is, it is recommended that clients call on our expert X-Pak team and request a site visit to ensure they are getting the most secure and safest method of cargo restraint possible.

Too often, we have seen customers compromise on their lashing by either rushing the job or trying to cut corners by using inferior products, resulting in damaged products at the receiver’s end.

It is always worth ensuring that your lashing is sufficient when transporting heavy and expensive mining equipment and products.

Don’t compromise on cargo load restraint safety and security. Contact our team today to get advice and guidance on the right cargo lashing for containers and lashing equipment for your unique needs.