Many brands spend large sums of money trying to get their products noticed in saturated markets. They often resort to fancy advertising tactics and flashy marketing efforts that can sometimes be too costly with patchy results for a growing business. 

Not all effective branding strategies need to be grand. Something as simple as branded composite strapping or cord straps can promote your business for minimal cost. X-Pak provides custom printing services for their products, where you can print your logo, tagline or brand message onto your strapping. 

Here are some reasons why you should purchase custom-printed strapping for your business: 

Creating Solid Branding 

Custom printed strapping enhances brand visibility for your business. When you put your logo or a customised message onto your composite strapping, customers and business partners have more exposure to your brand and increase brand awareness.  

Easier Identification of Products 

Branded strapping can be designed to help businesses identify various categories in their product range. In warehouse operations, workers will have fewer difficulties organising and picking out products from pallet racks and shelving systems. They are also a practical way of distinguishing one supplier from another when you use strapping to recognise your items.  

Enhancing Security 

Custom-printed strapping is extremely useful in cargo terminals and sorting depots. Your branded strapping is unique and extremely difficult to replicate, making attempts to tamper or switch items more difficult. 

Maintaining Brand Consistency 

Using distinguishable, uniform strapping for your products across several locations gives your customers the confidence that they are doing business with a trustworthy brand and someone that cares about their reputation. It also shows that you care about delivering consistency. 

X-Pak Custom Printed Strapping 

At X-Pak, we provide high-quality branded strapping services. The process for ordering custom printed strapping from X-Pak is as follows: 

  • Step 1: Check that the order meets the minimum quantity of 90 coils for overseas manufacturing of branded strapping. 
  • Step 2: Send an artwork proof and a completed customer sign-off form. The X-Pak team then sends the artwork with any adjustments to you for final approval. 
  • Step 3: After final approval, we begin producing your branded strapping. Businesses can expect their strapping to arrive between 8 to 15 weeks. 

Partner With X-Pak 

X-Pak specialises in alternatives to steel strapping. Do not hesitate to talk to an X-Pak representative about recommendations on the most suitable strapping solution to correctly secure your heavy parts. 

See more of our services and products, including our composite strapping and cord straps, by browsing our website or calling us on 1300 551 281.