Steel Strapping Tools

X-Pak provides a wide range of steel strapping tools. Depending on your need there is a vast array of steel strap tools available. We stock, supply and service clients Australia-wide with a variety of leading brands in the market.

We have a variety of heavy-duty strapping hand tools available, engineered to streamline your strapping operations. Our tools save you time and money, providing your workplace maximum productivity and efficiency. We supply you with the latest, most up-to-date tools in the industry, suitable for many different applications.

From dispensers to strap tensioners, we have something to handle every aspect of the steel strapping process. Steel strapping requires extreme caution, as taut steel has the potential to cause injury and may endanger the safety of your workers. Our tools comply with industry requirements and are designed to uphold the highest standards of safety.

If you need a strapping tool serviced or repaired call us today as we service most major brands of heavy duty and lightweight steel strapping tools. Major brands we supply and/or service include: Fromm, Orgapack, Titan, Strapex, Signode & Cyklop.

Be sure to contact X-Pak today to learn more about our steel strapping systems and handheld steel strapping tools. Our catalogue has a wide range of products that meet different industry demands and requirements.

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