Strapping Tools for Logistic Packaging

Published 22nd March 2017

Strapping Tools for Logistic Packaging

Logistic packaging involves science, technology, and art. It’s science and art combined as it requires great attention to the packaging process. The cost of storage and materials, as well as the design used, all contribute to easily recognisable and well-protected packages.

Technology has a significant role in ensuring the quality of the packaging. Tools manufactured to high standards and are compliant with international shipping requirements are necessary in demonstrating packaging logistics properly. Below are a few such tools you’ll need for it:


When shipping different types of goods, you need to make sure you have specific containers to match. Consumables need particularly tight-sealed ones to avoid contamination, and measured goods require containers that are just the right size, ready for distribution upon delivery.

Fragile items will have to be packed in containers designed for physical protection. Plastic and transportable metal containers are frequently used for these purposes. For additional reinforcement and labelling requirements, boxes are used as well.


Printed labels with information such as item codes, directions on handling and item descriptions are especially useful in helping shipping services recognise the product easily and deliver the item properly. For some shipping services, labels can also indicate tracking numbers, which recipients can check online to monitor the package. As such, clear and detailed labels are crucial in making a safe, prompt and well-monitored shipment.

Security Straps

When transporting the items, the last thing a shipping service and a recipient would want is an unsecured package, which can come with a lot of damages upon its delivery. While many shipping services use nylon ropes and other similar materials to secure the packages during transport, heavy-duty ratchet straps make an ideal alternative to them.

X-Pak offers high quality lashing systems that comply with the International Shipping Standards. Made of woven polyester fibres, they’re manufactured to high standards and are reusable, making them a cost-effective means of securing your load.

We have a range of products that provide convenience while ensuring the security of specific loads, including mining equipment and irregularly shaped items, during shipping. Visit our website to learn more about them, or call us to make an enquiry.