Perhaps more than any other load restraint solution, lashing straps are of critical importance to ensuring that cargo arrives safely and undamaged to its destination.

This simple yet highly effective technology provides a reliable, strong and extremely secure means of keeping cargo stable during transportation. Virtually no other cargo restraint solution is capable of comparing in terms of its efficiency, flexibility and customisability, thus making cargo lashing straps an ideal solution for just about any type of cargo.

Let us take a look at the importance of using lashing straps to restrain cargo.

What Are Lashing Straps?

Lashing straps are made from woven polyester webbed into a thick and durable strap that is extremely strong and flexible. Although lashing straps can be composed of nylon or polypropylene on occasion, the optimal choice lies in polyester lashing straps due to their exceptional resistance to elongation and their favourable balance between strength and weight.

Man lashing boxes inside shipping container

Polyester is also preferable because it is highly resistant to moisture and UV degradation, making it a safe choice for virtually any kind of cargo in any circumstance. Polyester’s inherent softness also prevents the straps from cutting into the cargo and causing damage in transit while still allowing them to be tensioned to extreme tightness.

Lashing straps are commonly fastened using buckles and tensioners, ensuring a very tight and secure fit around even the heaviest of cargo. Battery powered tensioning devices can also be used to make the process quicker and  easier.

When done correctly, lashing straps can quickly and effectively inhibit any movement of the cargo whatsoever, creating a safe and secure load ready for shipment. Lashing straps can either be applied as single straps or purchased as pre-fabricated sets to fit specific cargo configurations.

Why Are Lashing Straps So Important?

Whether you are transporting goods for the food and beverage industry, the mining industry, the chemicals industry, the manufacturing industry, or the building and construction industry, properly restraining your loads using lashing straps is essential.

Using these straps instead of old-fashioned chains or ropes makes the process of packing and restraining loads in preparation for transportation much quicker. It’s a lot simpler and much more efficient to simply loop the lashings through the attachment points and then tighten them up using a tensioning device. This can be done extremely quickly, particularly when compared with trying to tie knots with ropes or secure a chain tightly enough.

Lashing straps not only make the packing process move much more swiftly, but they also ensure that the load is properly secured. This is critical because, as goods are transported ‒ whether by land or by sea ‒ they are exposed to a lot of forces that could cause them to shift, slip, or topple. If not thoroughly secured, moving loads can cause damage to the cargo itself and the container, as well as pose a significant safety risk to workers.

Lashing straps also assist in ensuring proper load distribution within shipping containers, thereby improving safety by making the container more stable. The sheer versatility of lashing straps makes them capable of being used in an almost endless variety of configurations to accommodate any kind of load size and shape, thereby ensuring that load stability can always be achieved.

Lashed goods securely fastened


What Lashing  Solutions Do We Offer At X-Pak Global?

Here at X-Pak Global, we offer the Cargo-Lash single strap solution, which is ideal for securing irregularly shaped loads. The beauty of this simple solution is that it can be used in any way imaginable.

In addition, our White-Lash and Red-Lash preassembled container lashing systems are also extremely popular owing to their ability to quickly and securely restrain more uniformly configured loads.

Premade lashing to be used inside shipping container


To find out more about our high-quality lashing straps and associated accessories or to seek advice on your custom shipment, contact us today at X-Pak Global. Our range of load restraint solutions will ensure that your cargo arrives safe and secure.