The Conversion from Steel Strapping to Polyester Strapping

Published 22nd June 2017

The Conversion from Steel Strapping to Polyester Strapping

When plastic strapping was introduced a few years ago, companies welcomed it as a substitute for steel strapping. It lived up to the purpose to a large extent, especially in applications where steel strapping was used only due to lack of options.

Not only is the plastic strap tool effective, but it works better than most tools for the steel strap it is replacing. Today, most major manufacturers direct their resources in developing new plastic strapping tools, particularly polyester.

Comparing Tension, Elongation, Recovery and Working Range

There are four concepts in strapping: tension, elongation, recovery and working range. Tension happens when the strap is pulled or pushed. When enough tension is applied to the strap, it will begin to elongate or stretch. When elongated wide enough, the strap will want to recover or go back to its original size. When it is elongated to an extent where it wants to recover, but not to the point that it cannot do so, the strap is within its working range.

The amount of recovery depends on the amount of tension, the amount of time held at that tension and the material itself. As time increases, the amount of recovery decreases, as eventually does tension, also known as tension decay.

Polyester shows the least amount of tension decay and is most effective when higher initial tension is required.

Safety and Security of Loads

Today, polyester strapping is used in many industries in Australia as a safer, stronger and more sustainable alternative to steel strapping. It can maintain tension throughout the load and holds well together even if it is disturbed during transport. Given the fast improvements of plastic strapping tools, it is not a question of whether a company will convert from steel to polyester – but a question of when.

When determining the most suitable strapping type for an application, the answer is not always cut-and-dry. The best way to know is by consulting strapping experts.

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Common industries include manufacturing, construction and mining applications. Call our team today for a site consultation, sample or product demo.