Ratchet straps can act as decent cargo securing equipment. However, it might be wise to consider another container lashing system for big jobs such as shipping for export.

Compliant lashing straps with attached ratchets can be cumbersome, as they often get stuck or jam during use. Moreover, the ratchets can be prone to rust, especially the springs. They are generally better suited to smaller lashing applications.

Thankfully, X-Pak has developed its unique Cargo-Lash system that brings numerous benefits.

It’s Easier To Use

The 32 mm or 40 mm X-Pak Cargo-Lash system is a one-way lashing system consisting of a roll of strapping, some specially made corrosion-resistant ladder buckles and X-Pak’s specially designed tensioner. This system is used by clients who plan on shipping their goods and want them to be well-secured for overseas travel.

With most ratchet straps, one often needs J hooks or D shackles to fasten the ratchets onto the container lashing points. However, with the X-Pak Cargo-Lash system, that won’t be necessary. The lashing is simply fed through the lashing points inside the container and can be tensioned from any position you require.

Ratchet straps can also be more challenging to use in tight spaces, such as those in shipping containers.

Using ratchets can be time-consuming and cumbersome when lashing inside shipping containers. Using the X-Pak Cargo-Lash system is faster and more flexible in complex packing situations.

No Waste

If one were to buy a 50 mm x 9 m ratchet strap, one would pay for all 9 metres, even if the entire length isn’t used. Ratchet straps can often be too long or too short, creating complicated situations where they have to be chained together to reach or where there’s so much slack strapping left over after tightening that it could become a hazard.

When using the X-Pak Cargo-Lash system, one can use as much or as little strapping as one needs because the Cargo-Lash system cuts the strap to size. This saves on strapping, reduces costs, and makes the cargo lashing far neater and therefore safer to work with.

It’s Faster

The X-Pak Cargo-Lash system enables the securement of cargo much faster than if one were to use traditional ratchet straps. The ease of use of the system allows for increased productivity. It is even quicker to apply if a battery-powered tensioner is used instead of the manually operated tensioner.

However, even the manually operated tensioner is faster to use than traditional ratchets and results in a better-secured load.

To order the cargo securing equipment you need, including compliant lashing straps and container lashing systems, contact X-Pak today and let us help you get your goods secured.