The Advantages of Steel Strapping’s High Tensile Properties

Published 15th May 2018

The Advantages of Steel Strapping’s High Tensile Properties

For heavy duty load-securing requirements, X-Pak offers steel-strapping for multiple industries including mining, transport and manufacturing. Since steel strapping is expected to perform well in challenging cargo shipping conditions, we specifically provide steel strapping with high tensile properties. These properties have a range of features that meet various strapping needs and contribute to overall performance.

What is High Tensile Steel?

High tensile steel is a type of carbon steel that contains the low to medium carbon ranges. To increase its strength and durability, high tensile steel contains additional alloys like silicon, manganese, chromium and nickel.

The high tensile property is responsible for steel’s tension resistance, high yield and fatigue strengths at certain stress levels. It also indicates the material’s toughness when subjected to quenching and tempering. It is important for steel strapping to not lose its shape so that it can properly secure loads that are not prone to settling.

Advantages of Using High Tensile Steel

Heat Resistance

High tensile steel delivers many benefits when it comes to strapping cargo. X-Pak’s heat-treated steel strapping, specifically, are strong enough to meet harsh Australian conditions.

The mechanical properties of high tensile steel are still present even when the material is exposed to elevated temperature levels. A group of researchers from Singapore found that heat-treated high tensile steel holds smaller elongation properties. The quality of its yield strength is not affected when exposed to high temperature.

Better Environmental Performance

One surprising benefit of high tensile steel is its positive impact on the environment. In the transport sector, high tensile steel demands low fuel consumption because it is lightweight. Its production also has fewer carbon emissions compared to iron-ore based steel production.

Resistance to Atmospheric Corrosion

Another important feature of high tensile steel is its high corrosion resistance. Since high tensile steel has low carbon makeup compared to other types of carbon steel, it has fewer reactions to atmospheric factors.

High Tensile Steel Strapping for Heavy Duty Transport

When you need to transport large, heavy and stable loads that have sharp edges, X-Pak’s high tensile steel strapping is the ideal solution. Our steel strapping equipment remains durable for shipping across long distances and multiple loading and unloading sessions.

We source our high tensile steel strapping from internationally recognized suppliers. Each product is individually tested to ensure that clients receive the greatest value for money.

Trusted Strapping Suppliers in Australia

X-Pak is Australia’s trusted strapping supplier that services a wide range of industries. Our strapping and other products ensure that your cargo stays safe during transport and arrives in excellent condition.

We have built a reputation as knowledgeable specialists in industrial strapping and lashing. Our dedicated team of experts will be more than happy to share their knowledge through free on-site consultations and demos across the country.

For all your strapping needs, be it transportation by road, rail, sea or air, trust X-Pak to be your provider. Call 1300 551 281 or fill out our contact form and one of our friendly representatives will get back to you.