The Importance Of Using Lashing Straps To Restrain Cargo

Perhaps more than any other load restraint solution, lashing straps are of critical importance to ensuring that cargo arrives safely and undamaged to its destination. This simple yet highly effective technology provides a reliable, strong and extremely secure means of keeping cargo stable during transportation. Virtually no other cargo restraint solution is capable of comparing […]

Load restraint methods for shipping containers

There are many things to consider when loading a shipping container, be it a standard GP or reefer container, with product. The number one goal for most is to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination, the way you loaded it. To achieve this, there are many additional factors to consider: Does my container restraint […]

Compliant Lashing Straps for Shipping Containers

Is Your Lashing Compliant? Lashing is responsible for restraining goods in transit when they are being shipped or transported over long distances – particularly inside sea containers. It is a vital part of keeping goods safe and secure for arrival. Without the correct cargo restraints in place, goods can fall over, get bumped around and […]

What’s The Best Alternative To Ratchet Straps For Export Packing?

Ratchet straps can act as decent cargo securing equipment. However, it might be wise to consider another container lashing system for big jobs such as shipping for export. Compliant lashing straps with attached ratchets can be cumbersome, as they often get stuck or jam during use. Moreover, the ratchets can be prone to rust, especially […]

Container Lashing for Heavy Machinery

Many packers around Australia find more oversized machinery items complex and cumbersome to secure with traditional ratchet straps or chains. Often the lashing points are in hard-to-access spaces, and securing the loads is difficult. Whether transporting vehicles or factory equipment, heavy machinery can be costly to transport; therefore, any damage to the cargo in transit […]

Why CARGO-LASH is Exporters 1st Choice for Cargo Transport.

CARGO-LASH is a high-quality load securement system made from soft, poly-woven material. The system was designed for tying down heavy cargo for transport. Due to its versatility, this cargo lashing system is suitable for securing products onto flat racks, inside containers and on ships. Preventing damage is easy with a quality lashing system. When properly […]