Why Shipping Container Door Tarps Are A Good Idea

There are many different types of load restraint solutions available for ensuring that your goods remain secure and stable when being shipped. Here at X-Pak Global, we offer a variety of strapping, lashing and dunnage bag solutions, all designed to keep your cargo secure and undamaged, and ensure the highest level of safety for workers […]

7 Load Restraint Principles You Should Always Apply

When it comes to transporting goods, proper load restraint is essential. When goods are not adequately secured in place, they can shift in transit and end up getting damaged on their way to their destination. This can lead to significant costs in product replacements as well as potentially causing reputational brand damage. In addition to […]

Steel Versus Composite Strapping: Which is Better?

When it comes to transporting goods, ensuring their proper and secure fastening is paramount. Strapping systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding both the cargo and people involved in the logistics process. Improperly secured goods not only pose a danger to workers but can also lead to damaged stock, which in turn leads to financial […]

Understanding the Science Behind Cargo Load Restraint

Ensuring that your cargo arrives safely and reaches its destination requires the careful consideration and application of proper cargo load restraint techniques and principles. While it is effective to implement various load restraint systems, such as strapping, lashing, and dunnage bags, it is important that the science behind cargo load restraint is properly understood, as […]

The History of Cargo Restraint Systems

Cargo restraint systems have come a long way since ancient times. Modern cargo restraint systems are significantly more advanced and scientifically formulated to ensure that cargo remains safe and secure when it is being transported. The importance of restraining cargo cannot be overstated. When cargo is not properly restrained, it risks causing damage to the […]

Is Corded Strapping UV Resistant?

Due to the harsh Australian weather conditions, a high-quality poly composite strapping must be able to withstand anything that steel strapping can and minimise the risk of injury to operators, which is something steel strapping can’t offer. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can significantly damage various materials, particularly plastics, which can perish quickly under the […]

Strapping Tools For Logistics Packing

Logistics packaging and cargo strapping involves the safe transport of products from point A to point B. Ensuring that you have proper cargo restraint is crucial, and it demands careful attention to selecting the appropriate product for optimal restraint. Technology has a significant role in ensuring the quality of cargo-securing equipment. Tools manufactured to high […]

5 Key Principles of Container Load Restraint

Several important principles need to be kept in mind when it comes to container load restraint. When properly implemented, these principles will guarantee that the goods within the container are securely fastened so there is no movement or damage in transit. Loads that are not properly restrained can pose a significant safety hazard and can […]

4 Common Types Of Load Restraint Systems Used In The Freight Industry

There are several types of load restraint systems that are frequently used in the freight industry. These systems help secure cargo for transportation. Take a look at how these different systems work and how they compare with one another. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages, although they are often used in conjunction with […]

The Importance Of Load Restraint Systems In Transportation

Load restraint systems play a crucial role in the transportation industry and their significance cannot be emphasized enough. There are various ways of restraining cargo, whether it is with straps, chains, lashings, dunnage bags, or nets. Without these systems in place, the chances of your cargo arriving at the destination damaged are very high. Load […]