The Importance Of Using Lashing Straps To Restrain Cargo

Perhaps more than any other load restraint solution, lashing straps are of critical importance to ensuring that cargo arrives safely and undamaged to its destination. This simple yet highly effective technology provides a reliable, strong and extremely secure means of keeping cargo stable during transportation. Virtually no other cargo restraint solution is capable of comparing […]

Paper Versus Woven Dunnage Bags: Which Is Better?

When it comes to packing and transporting goods in the logistics industry, there are various cargo restraint systems available to ensure that your cargo remains intact and safe in transit. However, aside from systems like strapping and lashing that should be used to secure your goods, one aspect has a much bigger impact on the […]

Load restraint methods for shipping containers

There are many things to consider when loading a shipping container, be it a standard GP or reefer container, with product. The number one goal for most is to ensure your cargo arrives at its destination, the way you loaded it. To achieve this, there are many additional factors to consider: Does my container restraint […]

Compliant Lashing Straps for Shipping Containers

Is Your Lashing Compliant? Lashing is responsible for restraining goods in transit when they are being shipped or transported over long distances – particularly inside sea containers. It is a vital part of keeping goods safe and secure for arrival. Without the correct cargo restraints in place, goods can fall over, get bumped around and […]

Importance of Proper Load Restraint Equipment

When transporting equipment, whether by rail, sea, road or air, it is essential that whatever you are transporting is securely fastened so that it cannot move during transit. It is impossible to calculate the amount of damage done by loose cargo over the years, but rest assured that it is extremely significant. In order to […]

Suitable Strapping For Mining and Earthmoving Parts

When transporting expensive heavy mining machinery or parts, it is critical to ensure that these goods are securely fastened to ensure they are not damaged during transit. In an exporting situation, many may choose to use chains or steel strapping to lash your parts or machinery into containers, however, X-Pak’s poly composite strapping and cargo […]

Logistics and Supply Chains: Some Considerations

Here at X-Pak, we offer a wide range of cargo load restraint products, such as various strappings, including composite strapping, which are great alternatives to steel strapping and just as strong. These strapping products factor significantly into the logistics and supply chain, where products are constantly moved around as they are stored, transported, and received. […]

What Is Cargo Restraint And Why Does It Matter?

Cargo restraint is a term used for describing the various tools and methods for ensuring that goods being transported are held down and cannot move in transit. The shifting and movement of cargo in transit can result in damage to property as well as potential injury to the personnel who have to work with the […]

Nylon vs. Polyester: Which Is Strongest For Strapping Pallets?

Composite pallet strapping kits are becoming increasingly popular owing to their versatility, strength and low cost. Nylon is a popular material in the United States because of its versatility and strength. In the UK, on the other hand, polyester is preferred as fibre for applications such as clothing and tent construction. Both materials are commonly […]

Benefits Of Poly Composite Strapping

Poly composite strapping is the tough-as-nails synthetic strapping option you need to secure loads during transit. This strapping, made from high-tensile polyester yarn and then coated in a polymer to produce a robust and flexible strap, is also known as synthetic steel owing to its comparable strength. Let’s look at some of the benefits of […]