When transporting expensive heavy mining machinery or parts, it is critical to ensure that these goods are securely fastened to ensure they are not damaged during transit.

In an exporting situation, many may choose to use chains or steel strapping to lash your parts or machinery into containers, however, X-Pak’s poly composite strapping and cargo lash range are Australia’s most robust cord and woven straps for thie type of application ‒ comparable and as strong as steel strapping options.

Heavy machinery and spare parts can be challenging to transport safely, owing to their awkward shapes and sizes.

Common problems can arise when transporting heavy mining and earthmoving parts and machinery, either domestically or across the globe:

Cut Straps

Sharp edges on steel machinery and parts can often rub and cut through strapping after being exposed to enough vibration and pressure against a sharp edge.

If this occurs, the safety and security of the load is immediately compromised. If one strap fails, the entire load can work loose inside a container and cause significant damage to the equipment itself and other cargo.

Moreover, it is essential to position the strap accurately or use proper edge protection to prevent this from occurring. Its also vital to ensure you use compliant strap for this type of application.

Buckle or Strapping Slippage

A smooth metal surface can cause strapping on steel products prone to slippage and movement unless well-secured. Various techniques can prevent slippage, such as using rubber mats, making sure your strapping is fed correctly through lashing points and ensuring the buckles and strapping are correctly used.

It is important to note that the strapping must be tensioned to the ideal pretension. Heavy machinery will not slip if correctly tensioned using the X-Pak Cargo-Lash system in the correct manner and rubber mats or other forms of dunnage if required.

Out of Balance

Heavy machine parts packaged on top of pallets can be unevenly balanced. The correct stacking is critical to ensure cargo doesn’t topple in transit.

Depending on the circumstances of transit, we would also recommend heat shrinking heavy machinery to maximise security to pallets or skids and minimise risk of movement.

The X-Pak 32mm composite strapping with a breaking strain in excess of 2500kg is ideal for large, heavy loads in containers, and is often used as an alternative to ratchet straps or chains.

For a compliant, quality poly composite strapping in Australia, contact us at X-Pak Global today for your free technical appraisal or site demonstration.