Logistics packaging and cargo strapping involves the safe transport of products from point A to point B. Ensuring that you have proper cargo restraint is crucial, and it demands careful attention to selecting the appropriate product for optimal restraint.

Technology has a significant role in ensuring the quality of cargo-securing equipment. Tools manufactured to high standards that are compliant with international shipping requirements are necessary to ensure goods are transported safely to their destination and are practical to use.

Below are a few tools and equipment you’ll require for the safe restraint of cargo:

Load Securement Straps

While many shipping services use nylon ropes, chain, steel strap or similar materials to secure freight during transport, heavy-duty straps, such as X-Pak composite strapping or Cargo-Lash, Are ideal alternatives. The main advantage of using these systems is that they’re much more suited to correct load restraint. This means they can be used with heavier loads with minimal risk of failure or damage to the goods being sent. The material is also waterproof and virtually indestructible, therefore won’t become brittle or break down over time.

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Strapping Tools

Strapping tools are used to tension straps for securing cargo on pallets or in shipping containers. The most common types of strapping tools include manually operated, battery or pneumatically powered options.

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Tensioner being used to secure cargo with lashing inside shipping containers.

Other Cargo Restraint Devices

Various restraint devices are used to secure loads at risk of shifting during transit. It also prevents them from sliding around inside the vehicle, container or on a flat rack during transportation. These include the above-mentioned composite straps, lashing systems as well as dunnage bags to fill voids Inside the container and minimise load shift.

X-Pak offers high-quality strapping, lashing and dunnage bag systems that comply with the CTU Code of Practice and NTC Australian Load Restraint Guide 2018. Manufactured to high standards and tailored to suit your shipping needs, making them a cost-effective choice for securing your load.

We have a range of products that provide convenience while ensuring the security of specific loads during shipping, including mining equipment and irregularly shaped items.

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