Transporting goods safely requires a proper system for securing them in transit. If goods move or fall over while being transported, they could become damaged or cause injury.

To prevent this from happening, a strapping kit is often required, which allows you to strap cargo down onto pallets, which prevents goods from shifting.

Here are some suggestions on how to use a strapping kit to secure your loads, which will help to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination safely.

Knowing the Break Strain

When strapping your goods down, the most important thing to consider is the weight of the goods to be held in place and whether the strapping used can maintain that weight safely.

When using strapping to secure goods, it’s essential to be aware of the break strain specifications that come with the strapping. This knowledge is crucial because if the straps were to break, the cargo could fall from the pallet. Therefore, paying attention to these limitations is important to prevent any potential damage or accidents.

Proper Tensioning

When strapping goods down, it is essential that you adequately tension the straps. If they are not tensioned enough, the load could be unstable and move about, rendering the strapping ineffective. If the strapping is too tight, it could snap or cause damage to the cargo.

You should consider the material that the strapping is made of, as each will have stretching and recovery properties and sustained tension capabilities. If you need more clarification about the ideal tension for the strapping you are using, it is best to ask us for advice.




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