Strapping for sawmilling/timber processing

Published 24th May 2017

Strapping for sawmilling/timber processing

X-Pak 19mm strapping is commonly used as a replacement for steel strapping on hard and soft wood timber packs. In recent years Australia’s sawmilling and logging industry has slowly moved away from dangerous steel straps to the latest strapping technology in corded or composite strapping.

The most important issue with the timber industry is to find a strap that is safer than steel but either performs the same or better in securing loads for transport. Sawmills are often found in more remote areas of Australia and send their goods over long distances. A European manufactured strapping system that is tested and rated to cope with these conditions is of paramount importance.

Common names for X-Pak Cord Strapping:

Composite Strapping, Cord Strapping, High tensile strapping, Poly cord strap