Australasian Solvents & Chemicals Company (ASCC)

Australasian Solvents & Chemicals Company (ASCC)

Safely Securing Chemicals: ASCC and X-Pak Global

How Innovative X-Pak Lashing Provides Security, Cost Efficiency, and Compliance for ASCC

Australasian Solvents & Chemicals Company (ASCC) is an esteemed Australian and New Zealand owned and operated business, renowned for its strong reputation and solid support of the manufacturing industries. As the national distributor for chemicals in Australia and New Zealand, ASCC distributes products from leading suppliers globally.

ASCC chemicals secured by xpak global lashing

Identifying the Issue

Before partnering with X-Pak, ASCC faced challenges with load restraint and safely meeting strict requirements for transporting chemicals. They were previously using timber pallets for securing loads, which became increasingly expensive, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to rising costs that their customers struggled to absorb. The necessity to find a more cost-effective and innovative solution to ensure the safe transport of dangerous and heavy materials was paramount.


The Solution: X-Pak Container Lashing System

The hazardous nature and heavy weight of the materials shipped by ASCC necessitated robust load restraints to ensure safety, prevent accidents, and comply with regulatory standards. They were also keen to save their customers money on load restraints by looking for an alternative solution to timber.


X-Pak recommended that ASCC implement the innovative woven X-Pak Lashing System, specifically, the pre-assembled Container Lashing. 

Load Details

Key Features

xpak lashing system for a shipping container
  • Maximum Cargo Security: Designed for light and heavy loads, providing steadfast hold and preventing cargo movement.
  • Customisable Design: Height-adjustable straps catering to various load configurations.
  • Fast Installation: Efficiently installed within six minutes.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers a more economical alternative to timber dunnage.
  • High Capacity: Secured loads up to 30 tonnes, with ratings and test certificates available.

Major Benefits

The transition to X-Pak’s load restraint solutions significantly benefited ASCC:

Ongoing Success and Collaboration​

The partnership between ASCC and X-Pak exemplifies how innovative load restraint solutions can address cost, safety, and efficiency challenges in the chemical and solvents industry. By implementing the X-Pak Lashing System, ASCC enhanced its operational capabilities, ensured compliance with safety regulations, and achieved significant cost savings, thereby delivering greater value to its customers.

Stuart Moore, Terminal Operator at ASCC, added,
“At first, I thought it was overkill, but the system is robust, secure, and easy to use once you get the hang of it. We haven’t had anything move, and we haven’t received any negative feedback from customers. It’s a really good product.”

“Using X-Pak lashings was cost-effective for our customers, and ourselves. It’s really easy to use, secures everything, and is a win-win for everybody..”
- Kay, Terminal Production and Logistics Coordinator

Find Your Solution With X-Pak

At X-Pak Global, we are dedicated to fostering strong partnerships and delivering innovative load restraint solutions that drive success in the chemicals industry. 

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