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Protecting PGH's Exported Bricks Across the Pond

A Success Story with X-Pak Solutions

Incorrectly sized dunnage bags in shipping container

Identifying the Issue

PGH Bricks & Pavers, a leading clay brick manufacturer in Australia, faced significant challenges in exporting their products, particularly to New Zealand. Their previous process of securing bricks within containers proved to be inefficient and unsafe, leading to frequent damages, compliance concerns, and safety hazards.

The key issues included:

1. Lengthy time spent filling dunnage bags

2. Long compression hoses causing operational inconveniences and safety risks

3. Dunnage bags bursting during transit, causing the products to move and collapse within the containers.

4. Had trouble closing container doors due to ill-fitting bags positioned at the door entrance. 

Aside from the safety concerns this caused considerable financial and operational impacts due to damaged products arriving at the receiving end as the bricks needed to be retrieved using additional equipment, the container cleaned out, and the products needed to be replaced.

The proposed solution – X-Pak Dunnage Bags and Portable Air Master (PAM) Unit

In collaboration with PGH Bricks & Pavers, X-Pak Global identified their export challenges and proposed innovative solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Custom-sized dunnage bags were developed by X-Pak to maximise their surface area coverage, exerting higher force on loads and reducing the risk of dunnage bags bursting.  This solution also optimised space within containers, ensuring efficient packing and maximising the number of bricks transported per shipment.

Additionally, the Portable Air Master (PAM) unit replaced lengthy compression hoses, eliminating safety hazards, increasing productivity, and ensuring precise inflation without over-inflation risks.

Load details

Implementing the Solution

The new dunnage bags, made up of several custom sizes designed to fit larger voids securely, were strategically placed throughout the container loads to prevent load shift and damage. X-Pak provided a new solution for several ways to stack the products and restrain the goods using the new size bags.

The PAM unit, with its portable design and efficient inflation capabilities, revolutionised the loading process, significantly reducing loading time with staff inside containers, and eliminating safety concerns associated with environmental hazards and lengthy hoses.

Dunnage bags solutions
Portable inflation unit for dunnage bags

Previous Method

X-Pak Method

Major benefits

Ongoing Success and Collaboration

X-Pak Global continues to support PGH Bricks & Pavers with ongoing guidance and assistance, ensuring continued success when transporting their goods. By mitigating the risk of damages, compliance issues, and safety hazards, PGH Bricks & Pavers experienced improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced brand image as a provider of premium-quality products.

The partnership between PGH Bricks & Pavers and X-Pak Global shows the impact of tailored solutions and expertise in resolving complex shipping and load restraint challenges.

“Gareth was really helpful - he would come and take some measurements, photos and videos, understand what the actual problems were that we were facing, and come back with some potential solutions and samples to use.. and the feedback we got was great.”
- Nathan

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