Dunnage bags & Customised dunnage solutions

The X-Pak range of Dunnage Bags are constructed from 100% virgin, woven material. As a major supplier of dunnage bags in Australia, air bags are mostly used in trucks, containers and rail carts. We have the ability to custom make our dunnage bags to a size and level of your specifications.  Manufactured to the highest quality standards with material data sheets available on request. We supply the local market with Level 0 through to Level 5 dunnage air bags. Working closely with our factory in Turkey and Germany, we customise our dunnage solutions for individual requests. Along with this, the X-Pak Portable Air Master (PAM) unit is a unique, portable air inflation tool that works in hand with our exclusive range of bags. The PAM unit is a first of its kind. With a 6000Mah rechargeable lithium iron battery, it has a continuous run time of up to 4 hours. The PAM unit put out an extremely powerful 28 Cubic feet per minute  – A much higher output compared to an air compressor.

Our stock sizes (custom bags available on request):

10.005 X-Pak Woven Dunnage Bag 90 x 120cm EACH 75
10.010 X-Pak Woven Dunnage Bag 90 x 180cm EACH 60
10.020 X-Pak Woven Dunnage Bag 120 x 210cm EACH 30
10.040 X-Pak Woven Dunnage Bag 130 x 120cm EACH n/a
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