Here at X-Pak, we offer a wide range of cargo load restraint products, such as various strappings, including composite strapping, which are great alternatives to steel strapping and just as strong.

These strapping products factor significantly into the logistics and supply chain, where products are constantly moved around as they are stored, transported, and received. Strapping ensures that an item safely reaches its destination without a problem.

Securing products for transit by strapping during shipment and storage is just one cog within the complex wheel of logistics.

While some use logistics and supply chain interchangeably and the two concepts are interconnected, they are not the same.

So how do the two concepts differ?

What Is Logistics?

Logistics deals with the movement of goods in and out of an organisation. Whenever products need to be dispatched from one location to another, the term logistics would apply.

Shipment safety and how loads are secured all factor into logistics, as it correlates to minimising the risk of damaged goods arriving at their destination. Once a product is manufactured, it is taken to a storage facility, such as a warehouse, where a transportation operator will bring these products to clients, who might use or sell them or sub-distribute further.

Logistics focuses on inbound and outbound shipments. Inbound includes the procurement of a product, handling, storage and transportation. Outbound, on the other hand, handles collection, maintenance and distribution.

What Is A Supply Chain?

A supply chain refers to a series of related activities involving transforming raw materials into finished products. It covers the entire process, from manufacturing to the distribution of products on the market.

A chain forms once a demand for a product appears, and manufacturers rise to meet the demand. This starts a supply chain, which requires careful monitoring and keen management.

Logistics is only a small part of the supply chain ‒ the part where goods are transported. The goal of logistics focuses on improving customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time deliveries with minimal product damage, while the supply chain’s overall focus is on gaining a competitive advantage.

For anyone operating in the logistics industry, X-Pak offers composite strapping for a wide range of cargo load restraint needs. If you want to learn more, contact X-Pak today.