Logistics and Supply Chains: Some Considerations

Published 27th September 2017

Logistics and Supply Chains: Some Considerations

Here at X-Pak, we offer a wide range of strappings and lashings, including heavy-duty steel strapping, composite strappings and PET strapping. These types of strapping factor greatly into the logistics and supply chain, where products are constantly stored, transported and received. Strapping ensures that an item safely reaches its destination without a problem. Strapping, transportation and storage, are all just one small part of logistics, which is just one part of the supply chain.

Some people use logistics and supply chain interchangeably. Though the two concepts are interconnected, they are not necessarily the same.

So how do the two concepts differ?

What is Logistics?

Logistics deals with the movement and maintenance of goods in and out of the organisation. Strapping, shipment safety and storage all factor into logistics. Once a product is manufactured, it is taken to a storage facility, where a transportation company brings these products to their final destination.

Logistics focuses on inbound and outbound logistics. Inbound includes the procurement of a product, handling, storage, and transportation. Outbound, on the other hand, handles collection, maintenance and distribution.

What is a Supply Chain?

A supply chain refers to a series of interconnected activities that involve the transformation of raw materials into the finished goods. It covers the entire process, from the manufacturing to the distribution.

A ‘chain’ forms once a demand for a product appears, and a manufacturer rises to meet this demand. This starts a supply chain, which requires careful monitoring and keen management.

Logistics is therefore only a small part of the supply chain. The goal of logistics focuses on improving customer satisfaction, while the supply chain overall wants to focus on gaining a competitive advantage.

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