Is Polyester Strapping Right for Your Job?

Published 31st May 2018

Is Polyester Strapping Right for Your Job?

With many types of strapping material available on the market, it is important to choose the right kind of strapping for your project. Strapping materials have individual characteristics suited to specific applications and using the wrong type of strapping can affect the integrity of the packaging and the product as well as your load security.

What Kind of Packaging Are You Working With?

When choosing the type of strapping material, one must consider the type of packaging that is being strapped.

Rigid or self-stacking packages generally have dimensions that remain constant before, during and after the strapping process. They require strapping with high initial tension properties and that can retain these characteristics throughout the shipment.

Expanding packages expand after they are strapped. A strapping that can endure high pressure is required for this kind of packaging. Shrinking loads, on the other hand, will need strapping that delivers excellent elongation and recovery.

Compressible loads, like reams of paper, will need a strapping material that will not expand to safely secure the package once it rebounds when pressure is removed.

One should also consider the weight of the load and if the packages will be transferred many times before it reaches its destination.

Characteristics of Polyester Strapping

Of the different types of strapping materials, polyester or PET strapping is the most rigid material. It is a cheaper, safer and more eco-friendly alternative to steel strapping as it can reduce the risks of workplace injuries and provide a recyclable option.

PET strapping is generally tensioned using a battery strapping tool and welded together to form a strong joint. It has high break strengths and is able to withstand high tension. It has great elongation and it can also recover back to its original length.

Suitable Applications for PET Strapping

Due to these qualities, PET strapping is ideal for securing shrinking loads and medium to heavy-duty items that require increased and retained tension.

The elongation properties of PET strapping can reduce product damage caused by sudden changes in momentum, while its fast recovery helps pull the load back to its original position.

High-Performance PET Strapping by X-Pak

X-Pak is a trusted manufacturer of PET strapping materials in Australia. Our PET strapping not only delivers high performance but also increases workplace safety. Our PET strapping can also be paired with our own line of manual serrated seals and automatic strapping tools.

Our manufacturing process adheres to the highest quality standards by using highly recyclable materials designed to help companies achieve their environmental and financial objectives.

With years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the industry, we provide modern and cost-efficient solutions to exporters, logistics, mining and other industrial sectors. Our strapping is ideal for all types of transportation – be it by road, sea, air or rail.

We offer free site consultations that enable us to further understand your needs based on your projects and inventory. We service several areas in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

For all your pallet strapping needs, contact us today. You may fill out our online contact form or give us a call on 1300 551 281.