Due to the harsh Australian weather conditions, a high-quality poly composite strapping must be able to withstand anything that steel strapping can and minimise the risk of injury to operators, which is something steel strapping can’t offer.

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can significantly damage various materials, particularly plastics, which can perish quickly under the sun and become brittle. Therefore certain plastics are not ideal for a strapping textile, which needs to remain strong throughout a cargo’s transit.

Preferred Alternative to Steel Strapping

If your goods are exposed to prolonged and direct sunlight, the composite strap is the best alternative to steel strapping as it dosen’t expand or retain heat from the sun. X-Pak Strapping is manufactured to be UV resistant and suitable for long-term exposure in harsh climates.

Steel strapping might not perish under prolonged UV exposure but will increase heat temperature. When steel strapping gets hot under the sun, it potentially becomes a safety hazard as workers could burn themselves when trying to use the strapping. Such injuries could cause workers to mishandle the cargo and make mistakes, causing injury to themselves or damage to the goods.

Rusted Steel Strapping


Quality Control

If the long-term storage of cargo is unavoidable ‒ particularly if that cargo has been exposed to the elements ‒ As a precaution, we recommend that the best course of action is to check and, if required, re-tension the entire load before dispatch. Goods that are not adequately secured could jeopardise the safety of the shipment. Therefore, completing quality control checks is worth the time and cost rather than risking the entire load’s safety and damage to your goods.

Corded Strapping
Tensioning Corded strapping

If you need an alternative to steel strapping in Australia, feel free to get in touch with X-Pak today!