Parts & Attachments

Strapping is commonly used on parts and attachments in the Australian construction and mining industries. The 19mm Composite (Cord) strapping is the most popular strapping here at X-Pak as an alternative to steel strapping. X-Pak Cord Strapping performs well on awkward shaped items, won’t mark or damage paintwork and is Germanischer Lloyd certified to comply with current Australian transport regulations. As a safe alternative to steel strapping, the X-Pak strapping is made from soft, pliable material and results in much less recoil when cut. The parallel fibres also mean if a strap is nicked, it will retain tension, giving it a higher safety factor then steel strapping.

X-Pak Strapping is trusted by the mining industries largest suppliers of parts and attachments. From grader blades to heavy drivetrain parts weighing over 8 tonnes, the X-Pak Strapping has the capacity to cope with it all. Book a site visit or demonstration today.