X-Pak Composite Strapping is used extensively throughout Australia in the steel and engineering industries as a safe alternative to steel strapping. The heavy engineering industry in Australia demands a strapping system with the ability to perform the same or better than conventional steel strapping. X-Pak Strap is rated up to 2700kg in system strength and has a high wear resistance on sharp edges. Unlike standard poly straps, its high tensile fibres are protected by a UV coating which creates the best load stability in transit – even if the strap is partly nicked!

Clients strapping up painted, coated or galvanized product also find the X-Pak Strapping won’t rub or mark, meaning there’s no requirement for protective edges, carpet or rubber.

Bundles of round pipe and steel is easily strapped up using the X-Pak Round Pack Tool. This German made tool works with no part under the bottom strap, meaning when you release the tool, the strapping stays tight. A video of the tool in action can be seen here.

From small skids of plate steel products, right through to heavy steel machinery or parts, the X-Pak strapping is highly engineered to last tough Australian fabrication workshops. Book a demonstration or site visit today to try it for yourself.