The logistics industry within Australia is vital to company supply chains to ensure your product arrives safe at its destination and in good condition. X-Pak works closely with many leading freight export packers to ensure the right lashing system is utilised to ensure load stability during transit. Our lashing system is used as a common alternative to ratchet straps for securing heavy items and machinery into containers or on flat racks. Export packers find it valuable as its fully certified, easier to use and more economical.

The 32mm lashing is often utilised inside containers to secure items to the lashing points. This is an advantage with the heavy lashing system as the lashing itself is fed through the points without the use of a D Shackle or J Hook. As the 32mm lashing comes on a 250m roll, it’s a simply matter of cutting the lashing to the exact length every time, no waste.

The 40mm lashing is generally used to secure heavy machinery or items onto flat racks for export. Its rated over 7 tonnes and is a much safer and easier alternative to conventional ratchet straps or chain. The lashing is tensioned using a ratchet style tensioner for maximum tension or for higher volume users a pneumatic tensioner.