Improving Work Health and Safety in the Transport and Logistics Sector

Published 19th December 2017

Improving Work Health and Safety in the Transport and Logistics Sector

The logistics and transport industry have some of the highest rates of health and safety incidents. The two areas noted to involve the greatest risk are operating vehicles and loading and unloading freight. There are various ways to improve the sector’s statistics but there’s a simple way to at least minimise the risks, and that is to invest in proper strapping.

X-Pak offers a diverse selection of strappings and lashings, each having their distinct advantages. For increasing workplace health and safety, we recommend our polyester strap or PET strapping as an alternative to steel strapping.

Minimise Risks of Strapping Breakage

PET strapping offers strength comparable to steel and has high strength properties. They offer high retained tension reducing risks in moving heavy loads. With their superior elastic memory, they have high recovery properties.

Reduce Cuts or Flinging Straps

Polyester straps are widely sought as an alternative to steel straps for their lower risk of injury. Like steel, PET straps recoil, but they do not fling, cut or inflict the same level of damage steel straps are capable of. They’re also less likely to cause dangerous problems if they suddenly loosen.

Secure Loads with Minimal Body Strain

PET strapping can be easily tensioned with our battery-powered strapping tools. This reduces body strain from having to secure a load manually and significantly lessens manual handling risks. Aside from the reduced risks and convenience, workers also benefit from the lessened time consumed to strap a load.

World-Class Strapping

X-Pak has an unrelenting commitment to providing strapping of the highest quality standards. Our PET strapping is designed and manufactured in Europe and are internationally tested and certified. They are sourced from world-renowned suppliers and are safe for both users and receivers.

X-Pak offers quality product ranges to promote safe and best practice methods. Contact us today for premium cargo strapping systems and expert advice.