The logistics and transport industry has some of the highest workplace, health, and safety incident rates. The two areas that involve the most significant risk are operating vehicles and loading and unloading freight. The Australian Load Restraint Guide illustrates various ways to improve the sectors statistics. 

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator issues the Load Restraint Guide for Heavy Vehicles, while the National Traffic Commission publishes the Australian Load Restraint Guide 2018 for Light Vehicles. These guides ensure that:  

  • Loads are properly secure;  
  • Do not exceed weight limits for the vehicle in question;  
  • Do not hang out over the sides, back, or front of the vehicle in an unsafe manner.  
  • Do not cover essential aspects of the vehicle such as lights, number plates, mirrors, or windscreens.

A simple way to minimize the risks involved in logistic packing and unpacking is to invest in proper load restraint

X-Pak offers a diverse selection of strapping, dunnage, and lashing solutions, each with distinct advantages. To increase workplace health and safety, we recommend our X-Pak Composite strapping, a viable alternative to steel strapping, or our Cargo Lash system for inside shipping containers and flat racks. 

Minimize Risks Of Damage 

Composite strapping is just as strong as steel strapping. It provides high tension, reducing risks in moving heavy loads.

Cargo-Lash provides a fast and simple solution to securing loads, whether commercial or domestic. It is lightweight, easy to use, and quick to deploy. Being able to cut to size means you can secure your load and comply with minimum effort and cost. This unique product features one tool that makes it simple to use and has been designed for heavy-duty applications. The flexibility of the lashing means you can quickly unpack your load when required.

Reduce Injuries And Strapping Recoil 

X-Pak strapping is widely known as an alternative to steel straps for its lower risk of injury. Like steel, composite strapping recoils but doesn’t fling, cut, or inflict the same level of damage steel strapping is capable of. Theyre also less likely to cause dangerous situations if they suddenly become loose.  

Secure Loads With Minimal Body Strain  

Cargo-Lash can be easily tensioned with our battery-powered strapping tools. This reduces body strain from having to secure a load manually and significantly lessens manual handling. Aside from the reduced risks and convenience, workers also benefit from the lessened time to strap a load and improve their productivity. 

World-Class Load Securement  

X-Pak products are internationally tested and certified to meet the regulation standards of strength and quality. 

X-Pak offers quality products to promote safe and best-practice methods in accordance with the Australian Load Restraint Guide. Contact us today for strapping/lashing solutions and expert advice. Tel: 1300 551 281