X-Pak’s cargo restraint equipment ‒ such as composite strapping, cord straps, strapping buckles and tensioners ‒ are effective products that are super easy to use. However, like any new process, they require a small amount of guidance to get used to using them correctly.

We often field enquiries from new strapping users regarding how to use their new strapping kits. 

Training Videos

To assist our customers, X-Pak has produced a range of video demonstrations, including tips and training videos for X-Pak composite/cord strapping

This way, customers have direct access to expert advice from strapping specialists to watch at any time that suits them, ensuring they can receive valuable insights tailored to their needs.

Common questions composite strapping users search online for are:

      1. How to use composite strapping
      2. How to use a plastic strapping tensioner
      3. Cord strapping video
      4. Composite strapping video

    Is Training Necessary?

    X-Pak believes that proper training, including hands-on practice, is essential for every user of a new strapping system to maximise product efficiency, ensure safety, and achieve optimal results.

    We view training as an essential part of our customer care, which is why we’ve created these instructional videos. They’re designed to ensure customers feel confident using our products correctly and can derive the maximum benefit from them. Additionally, we offer on-site training and guidance. While the videos serve as a helpful resource that can be accessed at any time, we’re more than happy to provide hands-on training directly at your business location for added support and personalised assistance.

    Training helps us better understand our clients’ practical needs and provides a tailored solution to ensure their loads are secured safely and with ease.

    Our promise to all our clients is that we fulfil the below customer requirements when it comes to purchasing new strapping:

        1. It’s safer to use than steel strapping
        2. It’s easy and faster to use
        3. It’s cost-effective 

      For training and advice on using composite strapping, cord straps, strapping buckles and more, contact X-Pak today.

      Our commitment to comprehensive training ensures that customers have the knowledge and skills they need to effectively utilise our products and optimise their operations. 

      If you have watched the videos and have further questions or would just like a hands-on approach, contact us now for a complimentary on-site visit, training session, or product demonstration. We ensure that our customers receive personalised support and guidance tailored to their specific needs at no extra cost.

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