Businesses globally are moving towards cargo securing as a priority, as the cost-savings reached when their products are protected are significant in their profitability. Businesses want to transport their goods in the same condition it leaves their premises, direct to their customers. A secure, safe supply chain is essential in meeting this objective. One way to achieve this is through the use of airbags for shipping containers.

You may not understand what dunnage bags are or how they can assist you in your daily operations. In this article, we explore some of the top questions asked in the industry. For more information on Dunnage bags, discover the answers to your frequently answered questions in our previous post about this product.

What Is The Purpose Of Dunnage Bags?

Dunnage bags are inflated to specific pressure to fill voids in shipping container and placed around your products to protect them. Transit can lead to damaged and compromised goods, resulting in losses for your business. In an effort to prevent and possibly avoid this from happening, dunnage bags can ensure your products are well protected and insulated along the way.

What Can Dunnage Bags Secure?

These airbags designed for shipping containers can secure almost any type of product. Durable and non-durable goods can be effectively secured, which is essential to business owners concerned about the quality of their products after shipping. Fresh produce, building materials and palletised  are all samples of products that can be used with dunnage bags.

What Other Benefits Do Dunnage Bags Offer?

Most dunnage bags are reusable and durable, making them environmentally friendly. In addition, X-Pak airbags can be inflated and deflated with ease. This makes them extremely beneficial to business owners in the long run, who can look at their dunnage bags as an investment.

If you are new to the world of shipping and global logistics, you may have several concerns about airbags or dunnage bags and how they can improve your business. But they prove to be useful and an asset to your long-term business objectives. Your returns of damaged goods reduce, customer satisfaction increases and industry standards are upheld.

For packing solutions and airbags for shipping containers, contact us at X-Pak Global. We are experts in cargo securing, ready to help you keep your products safe.