Heavy-duty lashing straps are an important part of securing cargo for transit. This cargo restraint technology is very effective and useful for transporting heavy goods that need strong restraint systems.

In this blog, we review how heavy-duty lashing straps work, why they are so important for the moving and transportation of cargo, and the kinds of heavy-duty lashing options available from us here at X-Pak Global.

How Do Lashing Straps Work?

In shipping containers, lashing straps are typically made from high-strength polyester fibres. These fibers make the strap strong and resistant to damage from rubbing and exposure to the weather. Lashing straps are flexible and can be adjusted using galvanized steel buckles to change their length and tension.

Anchor points are welded to various positions on the inside of shipping containers. These steel loops, or D-rings, allow logistics personnel to thread lashing straps through them and secure the cargo inside. The cargo is secured with the lashing strap, and the ends are hooked or looped through anchor points.

Once this is done, the lashing is tensioned until the cargo is secure and cannot move. Upon arrival at its destination, the cargo can then be released by cutting the lashing straps. The lashing straps must be cut in order to loosen or undo them.

Lashing straps are efficient and effective for securing cargo. This is a one-way system, and the straps cannot be used again. However, the buckle can be re-used.

Why Are Heavy-Duty Lashing Straps Essential?

There are many ways to secure cargo, with varying degrees of effectiveness. In the olden days, people used timber blocking inside shipping containers to prevent the goods from moving around. However, timber is heavy, and the excessive use of timber for cargo restraint can be expensive and extremely wasteful.

This makes lashing straps an attractive option as they are lightweight, thereby minimising the additional cost of transportation per kilogram.

Lashing straps are also cost-effective as polyester fibre is a relatively inexpensive material to produce. Aside from being inexpensive, lashing straps are extremely robust and reliable. The tensile strength of polyester webbing is significant, capable of securing several thousand kilograms at a time!

Lashing straps are very strong and durable because they resist corrosion and abrasion, making them last a long time. If used correctly, lashing straps can have a significantly long, useful life.

Their usage also improves efficiency and productivity in the shipping yard or warehouse. Lashing straps help secure cargo fast, without using bulky or costly equipment to position complicated restraints.

When using timber as a bracer inside a container, it can be heavy, expensive and complicated to manoeuvre into position. This might require multiple personnel as well as safety gear and potentially even heavy equipment to help put everything in place. Lashing straps negate the need for this, making it possible for a single employee to secure the load by themselves without the need for any additional equipment or assistance.

The use of lashing straps and ratchets allows an individual to secure heavy loads alone with ease. In addition, lashing straps are one of the safer cargo restraint technologies on the market. Cargo lashing straps have soft edges, which reduce the incidence of potential cuts and lacerations.

The high tensile strength also reduces the possibility of strap failures, except in cases of incompetence or misuse. When used correctly, lashing straps make it safe for employees to interact with heavy cargo without fear of injury since they can be easily applied and removed without complicated equipment or teams. This reduces the possibility of safety-related incidents occurring when packing or unloading cargo.

What Types Of Heavy-Duty Lashing Options Are Available From X-Pak Global?

At X-Pak Global, we offer many cargo restraint lashing products for different industries and purposes.

  • Cargo Lash

One of our most popular products is Cargo Lash. The Cargo Lash is ideal for restraining unevenly shaped loads that are very heavy, such as machinery or other industrial equipment.

This comes in one long roll, so it can be used for all types of cargo in shipping containers. It also lets you secure heavy things onto flat racks. This lashing system is versatile and easy to use. It only needs one tool to create tension and can be cut to the right length, reducing waste.

X-Pak Lashing for Flat Racks Scaled

  • White Lash

The White Lash container lashing system boasts the ability to quickly and securely restrain medium to lighter loads inside shipping containers. The system is a series of straps that are connected in a predetermined formation to securely fit over the cargo inside the shipping container and restrain it during transport. We can tailor-make it, depending on the customer’s requirements.

However, the biggest benefit of using White Lash is the speed with which one can restrain cargo without the need for timber blocking. White Lash comes in several standard specifications, including 2, 3, or 4 horizontal straps, depending on the requirements of the load in question.

In general, a suitably trained and capable staff member can ensure that the White Lash is installed correctly and duly tensioned in under six minutes.

White Lash 2 Horizontal by X-Pak Global

Red Lash

Similar to White Lash, the Red Lash is designed to provide optimal security for medium to heavy cargo. The Red Lash cargo restraint system is highly rated to ensure that loads of up to 30 tonnes can be safely restrained without issue. The Red Lash system is also adjustable to ensure that customised configurations are possible.

Cargo being secured with X-Pak Red container lashing

  • Customised Lashing

In addition to these products, X-Pak Global also offers custom-made lashing if required. Certain loads might require a unique and bespoke solution to be properly secured. Our design team and in-house engineering department can ensure that any customised lashing solutions are thoroughly tested because the safety of your employees and cargo is of paramount importance.

Want to learn more about X-Pak Global’s heavy-duty lashing straps and cargo restraint solutions? Contact us today!