Desiccant bags for containers have primarily always been for protecting food and beverage products around the world. They effectively reduce and control moisture levels in containers, which is beneficial for longer transit times. This in turn acts as a preemptive measure to prevent moisture damage during possible shipping delays.

Moisture in containers can lead to compromised food products, which raises  a serious concern for any business owner. The safety of your food products is paramount. Customers who possibly fall ill from contaminated  goods can have disastrous consequences for your business.

But what other areas of food safety should be a concern to you? What signs should you look out for when packing a container?

Pest Control 

Pests, insects and rodents alike are a hindrance to almost any industry but more of a hassle and a serious safety issue for food businesses. Inspecting a container or using a reliable container supplier beforehand can ensure there are no signs of an infestation.

Odour Control 

Shipping containers spend weeks at sea or on the road; thus, they are likely to start smelling like the goods they are carrying. This can be an issue when transporting food, as food can take on the same odour and possibly alter its condition.

Clean Containers 

The cleanliness of shipping containers has never been more important than it is today, as the world manages a global health pandemic. While the shipping container must be sanitised and hygienic for carrying goods, it is also critical to clean it regularly. Frequent cleaning can ensure that mould spores and mildew are not spread and efficiently removed.

Corrosion Control 

Corrosion is an unfortunate reality of shipping containers that can happen over time. This can cause potential problems for food items because corrosion can spread quickly and compromise the safety of your products. It is essential that you examine containers effectively before shipping out goods.

While desiccant bags for containers play a pivotal role in moisture and temperature levels during transit, there are other factors to consider with food supply chains. These signs can protect the quality and safety of your food products and that can be key to the success of your business well into the future.

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