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Flavour Makers

Preserving Flavour Makers' Culinary Quality:

A Case Study with X-Pak Global

Flavour Makers, renowned for their beloved Australian food and beverage brands, encountered a critical issue: guaranteeing the safe and intact delivery of their products worldwide. With a commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety across their supply chain, Flavour Makers sought a safer alternative to traditional compressor methods for inflating dunnage bags.

Enter the Portable Air Master (PAM) unit, a game-changing solution recommended by X-Pak Global.


Flavour Makers Industrial capabilities

Identifying the Issue

With safety as a core value, Flavour Makers was committed to enhancing safety standards across their supply chain.


They were also concerned about potential moisture damage to their products during transit, seeking a dependable solution to uphold their reputation for excellence. 

The proposed solution

X-Pak introduced our Portable Air Master (PAM) unit to inflate our high-quality dunnage bags, for faster and more efficient inflation, improving overall shipping operations and removing exposure to potential hazards associated with traditional inflation methods using a compressor.

When considering all facets of possible product damage, we also recommended 100% leakproof, super-absorbent, gel-based container desiccant, Pak-Dry, to protect against moisture damage.

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The Process

Implementing X-Pak’s solutions transformed Flavour Makers’ shipping approach.

The introduction of the PAM unit for inflating dunnage bags streamlined processes and reduced manual handling risks. With faster and more efficient inflation, there’s less risk for workers. The PAM fills bags to a set pressure so there is no chance of over-inflation. There is no trip hazard associated with compressor lines as it is portable, and by using this combined with the dunnage bags accessible valves, improves health and safety by preventing the risk of hand entrapment during inflation. 



Aside from elevating health and safety, our top of the range desiccant Pak-Dry bags elevated Flavour Makers shipping operations by reducing product damage, keeping their goods safe from moisture and ensuring they arrived in perfect condition. 






Portable inflation unit for dunnage bags

Major benefits


Before implementing X-Pak Global’s solutions, Flavour Makers faced challenges in ensuring the safety of their employees and maintaining efficiency in their shipping processes. Traditional compressor methods for inflating dunnage bags posed risks of manual handling injuries and time-consuming packing procedures. However, with the introduction of the Portable Air Master (PAM) unit, a safer and more efficient alternative, Flavour Makers experienced a transformative shift. The PAM unit not only improved safety by eliminating risks associated with manual handling but also streamlined packing times, reducing the time spent in containers. This innovative solution not only aligned with Flavour Makers’ commitment to safety but also optimised their operational efficiency.

By minimising damage and moisture risks, they improved product quality and customer satisfaction, experiencing reduced product damages. Moreover, the efficiency gains from Pak-Dry bags due to needing less bags with higher absorbency rates resulted in significant cost savings, demonstrating the value of their partnership with X-Pak Global.


Through these solutions, Flavour Makers not only safeguarded their products but also prioritised the well-being of their employees and partners across the supply chain.

“Safety is a paramount for us and since partnering with X-Pak and using the dunnage bags along with the Portable Inflation unit or PAM, these have made a tremendous change.”
- Mohit

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