Custom Printed Strapping

Published 17th April 2018

Custom Printed Strapping

Printing your logo or customised message onto the X-Pak Strapping is yet another way X-Pak adds value to its products for customers. Why bother custom printing on your strapping? Here’s some solid reasoning…

  • Branding: Get your brand or company out in the marketplace to be seen. Branding customises your product and shows customers you are proud of your brand and really care about your products.
  • Identification: Printed strap can help identify different categories in your product range or make identifying items on pallet racking easier.
  • Consistency: If your company uses custom printed strapping across several locations, all with the same message, it gives your customers confidence they are dealing with a company that cares about delivering consistency – just like McDonalds!
  • Communication: Custom printing doesn’t always have to be a brand or logo. Many clients print specific messages or technical specifications that are important to their customers, the industry or product.

The following steps and specific details are followed by the team at X-Pak when producing branded strapping:

Step 1: Ensure minimum order quantities can be met. As a general rule, 90 coils of strapping is the minimum requirement for manufacturing.

Step 2: Send artwork proof and complete customer sign off. Artwork is sent to our customer to be signed off. This step is critical for both X-Pak and their customer as the printing machine will only produce what is put in. Garbage in = Garbage out!

Step 3: The custom strapping is then produced with the next shipment of X-Pak Strapping and can arrive anywhere between 8 and 15 weeks.

With many companies, printing your own logo means outlaying a much larger sum of money to cater for the minimum quantities required.  Here’s another area where X-Pak are different!

We will produce an agreed quantity of customised strapping, stock it for you and send/invoice you as per your standard buying cycle. Obviously, in this situation, we require a signed commitment that our customer will take all their printed strap over an agreed period (normally 12 months).