Container lashing for heavy machinery

Published 10th July 2017

Container lashing for heavy machinery

Securing machinery inside containers can be hard work. A certain amount of lashing is required by marine surveyors and the load must be well balanced and secured well to minimise any potential movement. Many packers around Australia find larger machinery items complex and cumbersome to secure with traditional ratchet straps or chains. Often the lashing points are in hard-to-access spaces and tightening the loads is difficult.

The X-Pak export lashing system is best suited to this complex work. According to customers we have spoken to across Australia, the X-Pak lashing is the best lashing material for this. Here’s a few comments to back it up:

  • ‘Our surveyor told me the lashing points are only rated to 2 tonne so there is no need for us to use chain anyway’
  • ‘I just love the fact we can secure a whole machine in with 1 roll, not 20 ratchet straps!’
  • ‘your export lashing has save me about 40% in terms of cost but probably more than that in time’

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